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GHOST Reveals Pink Lemonade Greens

GHOST Greens Pink Lemonade

GHOST is yet again introducing a limited time offering on a new flavor of their popular GHOST Greens product. Pink Lemonade GHOST Greens will launch from the brand on June 28th via their website, app and in-store at GNC.

GHOST Greens has received several great flavor extensions over the years since the brand launched this supplement. Pink Lemonade is on-season during the middle of summer 2023.

GHOST Greens is one of the higher rated greens formulas on the market today.

Final Takeaway

I have been a huge fan of the mix of flavors GHOST brings us, especially on their Greens line. The Arnold Palmer take was great, Ally Besse's Passion Fruit and their Guava Berry were solid. I am anticipating this one being very similar, maybe even better. Their pink lemonade flavoring in Legend was...legendary.

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