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Merica Labz Reveals New Powerful Z-Bomb Pre-Workout With Zynamite

Merica Labz is back with a new pre-workout, and this time we have quite a fun one to talk about. Z-Bomb is the new pre-workout coming from Merica Labz, and it has a cool Zombie theme going for it. First we had A-Bomb, then we had F-Bomb, and now we have come to the end of the alphabet for Z-Bomb. Coming from the crew over there, you know it is going to be loaded, so let’s take a look!

If you’ve ever tried the pre-workouts from Merica Labz, you know that the team there is going to make sure they are giving you a heavy experience. Z-Bomb looks powerful enough to be the perfect pre-workout to take if you were actually running away from a hoard of zombies!

zbombThe profile starts off with Citrulline Malate (2:1) at 8g, followed by a solid dose of Beta-Alanine at 3.2g. These are quite standard doses, which is a good thing. Certainly going to aid with endurance and pumps. Following this you get 2.5g of Betaine Anhydrous, which will help with power output. 

Now we come to some of the feel-good ingredients. You get 1.5g of Tyrosine in Z-Bomb, which will help with focus. Once again Merica Labz has gone heavy on the Caffeine. They put 450mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in here, which is a massive dose. Alpha GPC is up next at 300mg. 

We have to highlight two ingredients in Z-Bomb because they are certainly interesting to see. Zynamite and PurpleForce have made the profile, and they are certainly interesting to see here. They will certainly have you feeling great while working out, and both are dosed well. Fun fact, the name Z-Bomb was inspired by the Zynamite in here!

The last three ingredients are nice additions as well. Mucuna is a source of L-DOPA, which is a precursor to Dopamine. Pine Bark extract is a source of proanthocyanidins, which may help lower blood pressure and help with pumps. Finally, we have Huperzine A, which helps prevent the breakdown of Choline. 

Z-Bomb will be launching on the 23rd of June, and we know the stim-junkies out there are going to love this one. Be sure to stay tuned for an official launch article!

Final Takeaway

Not gonna lie, this one may be too powerful for us. While we love Purpleforce and Zynamite, the Caffeine is too much. Many of you guys will enjoy this for sure, however we may have to sit this one out. 

You crazy swim-junkies are going to love it though, so if you don't mind high doses of caffeine, this one could be a solid one for you to try.

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