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Performax Launches HyperMax-3D, AlphaMax and MassMax

By September 10, 2021No Comments
FIt Butters
HyperMax-3D Launch

After much anticipating, Performax Labs has finally launched their reformulated pre-workout HyperMax-3D featuring 3DPump-Breakthrough. HyperMax-3D will replace both HyperMax and HyperMax Extreme from the brand.

The reformulated version of HyperMax-3D not only contains 3DPump-Breakthough, but S7 for massive pumps. The formula also contains NeuroPEA and ThinFen. You can view the entire label breakdown here.

HyperMax-3D is available in Rocket Bomb, Raspberry Limeade, Hawaiian Papaya Pineapple and Mango Kiwi Cooler flavors.

In addition to the launch of HyperMax-3D, Performax Labs also launched AlphaMax and MassMax. These both have the new look and slight formula upgrades.

AlphaMax went from a generic ashwagandha to KSM-66. MassMax moved from Methyl Oleate and Palmitae to a Cyclodextrin complex.

All three new products are available now!

Use code INFORMANT to save 20% on your entire order.

Final Takeaway

If you get a chance to watch our YouTube video embedded above you know that I loved the new HyperMax-3D. I have always really enjoyed what Performax Labs does, and these new launches are no exception. HyperMax-3D is one of my favorite pre-workouts made at this point, and that was only after several uses. I will work on a full review as we finish a tub but I promise you that you will like this one. The flavors are on-point too.

I can't say much about AlphaMax and MassMax as I don't use those types of products being on TRT, but I do love the updates they made, small, but neccessary.

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