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Performax Labs IsoWhey Max Protein: Solid Flavors with Advanced Profile

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Performax Labs is finally going to debut their newest product, IsoWhey Max, on November 11th exclusively at Natural Body Inc. Performax Labs sent FI all four flavors to try before the actual launch to give you all a better idea of what the brand is coming to the table with on November 11th.

Performax Labs IsoWhey Max will be available in four flavors: Vanilla Cakebatter, Chocolate Milk, Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Crunch. IsoWhey Max will be a whey protein isolate powder containing 2g Velositol and 100mg DigestivMax. To view the product breakdown you can go here.

IsoWhey Max will launch with discounts on November 11th at Natural Body Inc, sign-up below for an alert when it becomes available.

Performax Labs IsoWhey Max Protein Flavors

As mentioned earlier, IsoWhey Max is a whey protein isolate that will be available in four flavors on launch: Vanilla Cakebatter, Chocolate Milk, Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Crunch. 

Vanilla Cakebatter: (8.4/10)

Vanilla Cakebatter is not just another vanilla protein powder. You get a hint of birthday cake/cake batter that is a nice touch to what is a traditionally boring flavor. It is not overly sweet, and you don’t get a lot of cakebatter, but you can get hints of it which makes it good. We would personally like more of the cakebatter flavor over the vanilla, but this is a nice way to be different than the rest of the market.

Chocolate Milk: (8.6/10)

The Chocolate Milk flavor did taste a lot like chocolate milk, just with a bit of a deeper, richer chocolate flavor. We can say we did enjoy it better than a lot of the plain chocolates on the market. Being an isolate it is a bit smoother which makes it enjoyable.

Mocha Latte: (8.9/10)

This is one of the first mocha centric flavors we’ve tried here at FI. Mocha Latte was one of our favorite flavors of IsoWhey Max. The “coffee” taste is a nice add to this. You get subtle hints of chocolate and subtle hints of coffee to make this a really good protein powder. If you like the flavoring of coffee and the touch of chocolate, this is going to be a solid choice for you.

Cinnamon Crunch: (8.9/10)

Unlike many of the “cereal” inspired flavors on the market, Cinnamon Crunch IsoWhey Max does not include any inclusions (real cereal pieces). This is a smooth protein powder where you don’t have to worry about the extra carbs in this isolate. It does taste just like like the milk from Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cinnamon Crunch was right up there with Mocha Latte as our favorites. 

Final Takeaway

We are excited for Performax Labs to get into the protein powder space. Much like they do with their other categories, Performax Labs went with top tier quality protein to hit the market. We enjoyed the four flavors with Mocha Latte and Cinnamon Crunch being our two favorites of the four.

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