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Performax Labs Reveals PhytoActiv Max Formula

By May 12, 2022June 29th, 2022No Comments
Performax Labs PhytoActiv Greens

Performax Labs went through a big re-brand late in 2021 along with several new powerful product launches including HyperMax-3D and VasoMax-3D. Recently the brand announced a new protein blend is coming to the brand as well. On top of all those exciting things, Performax Labs is also launching a new active greens formula called PhytoActiv Max.

PhytoActiv Max will be available in two flavors, Strawberry Pineapple and Peach Ice Tea. 

PhytoActiv Max Supplement Facts Panel

PhytoActiv Max SFPA lot of brands have greens formulas – especially since the pandemic. How they are formulated and what is included is what is separating the brands from one another. Performax Labs PhytoActiv Max is not a cookie cutter greens formula.

The brand elected to go fully loaded of sorts with this formula. It starts with 2g of a greens blend featuring grass powder, wheat grass, barley, kale, chlorella, and other active greens powders, all organic.

Spirulina, which is a popular ingredient used in natural health products such as a greens product is used at a full gram.

PeakO2, which is a mushroom blend that can improve performance, is used at a full gram as well.

In addition to the greens, Peformax Labs adds a fruit component to PhytoActiv Max with PhytoServ Fruit Blend at 70mg.

Diving deeper into the SFP, Performax hits on liver, blood pressure, cholesterol and GI health.

For liver support users will get 750mg Milk Thistle and 300mg Grape Seed Extract.

Blood pressure ingredients include Hawthorn at 500mg and Celery seed extract at 300mg.

One of the biggest components to any greens formula is digestive enzymes and gut health. PhytoActiv Max includes Fibersol 2, a prebiotic fiber, at 2000mg. LactoSpore, a probiotic is used at 2 billion CFUs. Lastly, DigeZyme is used at 100mg to aid in food breakdown and digestion.

No ETA on the launch of PhytoActiv Max, but this formula stacks well with any on the market, with added components geared towards overall health and wellness that many other formulas are missing.

Final Takeaway

This is a great formula from Performax Labs. I like the approach as it differs from other brands. Yes, we get the fruits and greens. Yes, we get the GI support. But the addition of liver, cholesterol and BP support is big as greens formulas are meant to be taken daily to help with health, ingredients like milk thistle and hawthorn should be too. We're excited for this one to land!

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