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Performax Labs Reveals ProWhey Max Flavors

Performax Labs PreWhey Max

Performax Labs introduced us to a new whey protein powder they planned on launching several weeks ago, but a lot was left to be told. Today the brand has announced that ProWhey Max will launch with five flavors. These flavors are Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream, Fruity Cereal, Cookies 'N Cream and Cinnamon Cereal.

ProWhey Max will feature 25g of a blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. It will also feature 2g of Velositol to increase muscle protein synthesis and Digezyme to aid in digestion.

No word on launch date yet. Stay tuned to FI for more.

Final Takeaway

I prefer a blend as I like the mouth feel of a WPC over a WPI. I am interested in trying these flavors as the last protein Performax Labs launched they were spot on - these are similar flavors. I am especially interested in Cookies 'N Cream as I have yet to find one to knock my socks off.

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