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Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax to Include 5g GlycerSize and S7

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Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax to Include 5g GlycerSize and S7

Performax Labs announced it was going to reformulate their popular non-stimulant pump powder VasoMax. Up until now, we were only aware that they were going to use Alpha Zone Alpha-GPC. Performax Labs has announced they will also be including 5g GlycerSize and S7 in the reformulation.

The current version of VasoMax includes 3g GlycerSize (formually known as GlycerPump). Performax Labs will bump up the dosage to a 5g dosage. GlycerSize is a version of Glycerol Monostearate which is intended to aid the muscle in withholding liquid. 

The new version will also include S7, an ingredient by FutuerCeuticals. S7 has been known to increase nitric oxide by over 200%.

We do not have an ETA on the launch date of the reformulated VasoMax. Sign-up below for alerts when they become available.

Fitness Informant's POV

VasoMax was a great pump product, and now it looks like it is getting better. Performax Labs is including a fully stable version of Alpha-GPC, and now we are getting 5g of GlycerPump and S7. VasoMax was a powerhouse before, but now it appears to be even better.

We like the bump from 3g to 5g on GlycerPump. We've had products with 5g of HydroMax that worked well. Many prefer GlycerSize over HydroMax so this could work even better. S7 is a good ingredient, but works the best when it is included in a formula that includes other nitric oxide producing ingredients and multiple pathways like the addition of GlycerSize.

We will release more info as we get it. Sign-up above for alerts!

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