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Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax to Include Fully Stable Alpha Zone Alpha-GPC

VasoMax to Include Alpha Zone

Performax Labs has announced they will be reformulating their popular and proven non-stimulant pump powder VasoMax. Details about the reformulation are starting to leak out into the internet. We are being told that they new reformulation will feature Alpha Zone Alpha-GPC, the industry's first fully stable form of Alpha-GPC. 

The current version on the market today does contain 300mg of Alpha-GPC, but it is not Alpha Zone. Alpha-GPC is designed for cognitive enhancement.

More details about VasoMax will be released as we hear more. Sign-up below for notifications.

Fitness Informant's POV

Performax Labs VasoMax is one of our best rated pump products. It is effective at inducing a pump, but we also loved the addition of 300mg Alpha-GPC for focus and cognitive purposes. We are excited to see a fully stable form of Alpha-GPC used. If Alpha-GPC is not fully stable, it can turn into a liquid, thus causing clumping in the powder.

We will release more info as it becomes available.

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