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Raze Energy Reveals Finalized Design And Name For Its New Baja Lime Flavor

raze energy baja

Raze is back and has finally revealed the look for its new flavor, Baja Lime. The final name was voted on by consumers, which went up against other possible flavor names.

The new look matches the design of another popular drink out there with a similar name, and knowing how much effort Raze Energy puts into their flavoring, it should be spot on. 

The can appears to have a lot more going on that the other flavors of Raze, and pops out quite well.

Fitness Informant's POV

We are fans of the new design and flavor choice. The name for the flavor is straight forward, and should leave no surprises. Since we've enjoyed all flavors from Raze thus far, we don't expect that to change with this flavor. 

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