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Revive MD Calm: Get In A Healthy Pre-Bedtime Routine

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Revive MD is one of those brands that is out there making products that actually benefit our bodies, while the majority of sports nutrition consumers pound their bodies with stimulants, heavy workouts, and massive amounts of food. 

While many of us simply focus on pre-workouts and getting a pump, sometimes we should take a look at how we can actually optimize our recovery from the constant stress we put on it. Instead of simply selling melatonin pills, Calm provides product that may help support healthy sleep cycles, reduce anxiety, and lower cortisol levels. It can certainly help get you in a healthy routine before bed. 

Why Use Revive MD Calm

Out stress levels as human beings are at an all-time high to due external and internal factors. Our jobs, families, diets, insecurities, finances, and so many more items can lead to an elevation in stress levels. When there is stress present in our system, your body releases Cortisol to combat that. Elevated Cortisol levels are unhealthy and can lead to weight gain. Regulating Cortisol levels prior to bedtime can lead to improved sleep quality.

Revive MD Calm

Revive MD Calm was designed to regulate Cortisol levels to ensure a proper night’s sleep.

Revive MD Calm Label

Di-Magnesium Malate – 150mg

What we consider one of the most underrated minerals on the market, Magnesium is something that many of us, especially us stimmed out folks could use more of. Magnesium deficiency is thought to be linked to anxiety and other mental health issues. Magnesium is also important for muscle relaxation and aids against cramping and muscle spasms.

Here we get a solid form of Magnesium. You can usually tell if a brand cares about the quality of their supplements by looking at the forms of their vitamins and minerals. Di Magnesium Malate has a solid bioavailability, as opposed to the forms that many other brands use, namely Magnesium Oxide, which is commonly used as it is cheaper. 

You get 150mg of Di Magnesium Malate in Calm, which is a good dose for one sitting. Too much Magnesium at once can cause a laxative effect as well.

Zinc (as TRAACS® Zinc BiGlycinate Chelate) – 10mg

Zinc is also in Calm, which we like seeing here. Zinc has many important functions in the body. Since we’d be here all day going over them, let’s look at how it fits in Revive MD’s Calm. 

Zinc has been studied and shown to be potentially beneficial for the treatment of depression Also, a lack of Zinc in men has been linked to low testosterone. Since Calm will be taken at night by many, it doubles as a ZMA product with the aforementioned Zinc in here. 

10mg is a solid amount, as it covers most of your recommended daily intake. 

Inositol NF – 2g

To start Revive MD Calm off, we have an ingredient that many have heard of, however it seems to be overlooked. This is of course, Inositol. Inositol has been shown in a human study to be effective at helping with anxiety and panic disorder. It does this by increasing the neurotransmitter Serotonin in the brain.  Also, we have another human study showing that Inositol may be good as a treatment for panic disorder. 

It’s quite interesting to see Inositol as the first ingredient in a supplement as it is quite uncommon, we are certainly not against it, in fact, we welcome it! 

Taurine – 600mg

Taurine is an ingredient we all know and love. It may be beneficial for sports performance and hydration. However, Taurine may also be beneficial for calming, and research has shown that Taurine activates GABA receptors. This means that Taurine may actually have a sedative effect on the user, and act similarly to GABA in the brain.

Taurine may also be effective for overall blood flow, according to a study. We like to see taurine at anywhere from 500mg-2g, so at 600mg, it’s dosed well in Calm.

L-Theanine – 200mg

Theanine is one of the most popular ingredients these days, so much so that you actually find it in products ranging from Sleep Aids, all the way to Pre-Workouts, which is funny as they are literally opposites. This speaks to the usefulness of L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that has been shown to be good for reducing anxiety without causing drowsiness in individuals. 

While we’re at it, since the next ingredient is GABA, there is a study showing synergy between the two. So having Theanine at 200mg is really nice to see in here, and it’s actually no surprise either.  

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid – 200mg   

GABA is one of those ingredients that we also expected to see in Calm. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is known as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and it is very common to see in sleep aids.

A study showed that a lack of GABA in the brain is correlated to insomnia, which we all know is related to a slew of other problems. It was also studied and shown to increase growth hormone levels while you sleep. 

We get 200mg of GABA in Calm, which is a good amount. 

HTPurity™ (Hydroxytyrptophan) – 150mg

Keeping it simple, 5-HTP is a precursor to Tryptophan, which is a precursor to Serotonin. 

We all know cortisol is detrimental to relaxation and overall well being. A study done on 5-HTP showed that it may be effective at reducing cortisol. Not only that, but 5-HTP when taken together with GABA has been shown to aid with sleep. 

5-HTP is a somewhat underrated supplement in the sports nutrition world, although it is quite popular in the “healthy” side of the supplement industry. It is certainly worth looking into and adding to your daily supplement regimen. At 150mg, this is a solid dose. 

Final Takeaway

Revive MD Calm is a solid addition to the already popular line. As we’ve stated before, Revive MD is a voice of reason in the sports nutrition field. With an influx of brands looking to outdo one another by simply adding more stimulants to their pre-workouts, or more Citrulline to their pump products, Revive MD is here to bring us back down to Earth. 

Calm is a well-formulated product, and it can be added to anyone’s nighttime routine. With ingredients such as GABA, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine all at solid doses, Calm is easily more beneficial for anybody than a pre-workout. With the well-documented benefits that come with quality sleep, Calm is a great way to end your stressful day and start the recovery process.

Revive MD Calm

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