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Revive MD To Launch May 8th

Revive MD Lipid

Revive MD is a brand that is geared towards lifters, however they take a different approach, and don’t simply try to sell you caffeinated powder. Instead, Revive MD is here to give you supplements that you really can benefits from, as far as health goes. With that said, we announced a little bit ago that Revive MD will be launching Lipid, a heart healthy supplement mean to aid with healthy cholesterol levels. 

Revive MD Lipid is set to launch on May 8th, which is this coming Friday. If you’re interested in the profile, take a look at our reveal article by clicking here. Revive MD Lipid contains several popular ingredients, such as Citrus Bergamot and Beta-Sitosterol.

Be sure to check in on Friday, as we will be launching an educational article on Lipid, and the science behind it. Of course, we will put it in simple terms that make it easy to understand, along with a video by Ryan going over the profile. 

Final Takeaway

We have been waiting for this product to drop for a long time, and we are happy it finally has. With cholesterol levels being important for overall heart health, this is something we feel many should be taking. We like how Revive MD can come out with something that is not so sexy, but somehow make it sexy. 

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