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Revive MD Prostate: A Supplement All Men Should Take

By June 12, 2020September 15th, 2020No Comments

You knew this was coming. Revive MD is a brand that you really should be taking. With most of the industry being focused on Caffeine laden pre-workouts, fat burners, and simple protein powders, Revive MD is here to remind us all that we are human. So now we come to a question… at what age should men start worrying about their prostate?

Now this can depend on who the answer is coming from, but usually the earlier the better. If you don’t take care of your body now, you will be forced to later in life. So here we have a product from Revive MD that is called Prostate, so you know what the intent is for. So why should you care about your prostate?

revive prostateThe prostate is a male gland that is located under the bladder, and it plays a role in men’s health. One issue that many men have, is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, which we will refer to as an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate can come with a variety of problems, the most common being issues with urination. Frequent urination is a big sign, which can cause issues with sleep patterns as waking up several times throughout the night to use the bathroom isn’t optimal.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in Revive MD Prostate and see why this might be worth taking.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – 1g

revive prostateThe first ingredient in Reive MD Prostate is Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder. According to a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Pumpkin Seed Oil may be good for benign prostate hypertrophy. Benefits were noticed with 3 months of continued use, and you are getting more than what the study used in Prostate. The study also compared the next ingredient.

Saw Palmetto Extract (Std. 85-95% Fatty Acids and Sterols) – 400mg

Saw Palmetto is the next ingredient in Prostate. In the study mentioned above, Saw Palmetto was also compared in the study mentioned above, and also showed to be beneficial for benign prostate hypertrophy. Saw Palmetto is one of the most common ingredients used for prostate health, at 400mg, it is dosed well.

It may be beneficial for reducing DHT levels in the body. High DHT levels are linked to higher risk of prostate cancer. 

Stinging Nettle Extract 20:1 – 300mg

Stinging Nettle is the next ingredient in Prostate, and it is another common ingredient for prostate health. It is typically known as being anti-inflammatory, and has multiple health benefits. 

It has also been shown to be potentially beneficial for reducing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. 

BioResponse DIM® – 300mg

You see DIM in a lot of hormone optimizing products, and this one uses the trademarked version BioResponse®. DIM is common in many hormonal products, as it has research showing it to be an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen, which is something men tend to want to avoid. 

At 300mg in Prostate, you are getting a good dose. 

Beta-Sitosterol – 150mg 

Next we have Beta-Sitosterol, which is another common ingredient for both healthy cholesterol levels, as well as prostate formulas. It is a phytosterol, and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate. 

At 150mg, you’re getting a solid dose in here. 

Pine Bark Extract (Std. 95%) – 50mg 

Pine Bark Extract is next on this list, and it is nice to see in here. While it is typically thought of as a heart health supplement, as it contains antioxidants which have been shown to be beneficial for blood flow

As for prostate health, there is a study showing that people with an enlarged prostate experienced decreased symptoms after supplementing with Pine Bark Extract. 

Lycopene – 20mg 

Finally we come to Lycopene, which is common for men’s health supplements. It is a carotenoid, which means it is a powerful antioxidant. There is some research showing that men who eat more Lycopene rich foods have a lower rate of developing an enlarged prostate. While a healthy diet is optimal, supplementation can certainly help.

20mg is a solid dose of course.

Final Takeaway 

This is why we love Revive MD, they are a brand from some very well respected bodybuilders, but unlike the stereotype, they CARE about health, and don’t simply push the basic pre-workout and fat burners that you’d expect. It’s about balance, which is something that Revive MD works towards. If you care about your long term prostate health, this is certainly one to go with. With how common BPH is, you should!

revive prostate

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