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Sparta Nutrition Teases New Cereal Protein Flavor

Sparta Nutrition Cereal Protein

A new cereal inspired flavor of Spartan Whey has been teased by the makers of the protein, Sparta Nutrition. Sparta Nutrition introduced Cinna Crunch, Fruity Cereal and Apple Cinnamon in the summer of 2018, along with six other proteins and a rebrand to a huge success. The new cereal inspired flavor will be the 10th in the popular line of proteins by Sparta Nutrition and the fourth cereal inspired flavor.

Sparta Nutrition has had a relatively quiet 2019 so far, with this being one of their first big consumer forward moves (meaning they have done some distribution plays but the consumer doesn't ultimately see that). We are being told that this is just the start to something bigger for the brand in 2019.

Fitness Informant's POV

I am happy to see Sparta Nutrition back on the map here in 2019. They were in our top 3 for Brand of the Year in 2018 with a great re-brand execution, the addition of Spartan Whey and their Keto line which has been extremely successful. 

In terms of our guess for the new flavor, it is hard to say. The two most popular cereal inspired flavors are your "Fruit Loops/Fruity Pebbles" and your "Cinnamon Toast Crunch." Both of these flavors exist currently. They also have an Apple Cinnamon flavor, which is one that isn't as popular. If you look at their lineup of proteins they have a lot of flavors covered. For example, they have a chocolate protein, so Cocoa Puffs may not be a choice they pursue unless they get rid of their chocolate protein.

With that said, my guess is Cocoa Puffs inspired protein.

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