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Kaged Muscle Launches Two New Flavors of Amino Synergy

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Flavors

They are finally here! The brand new flavors of Kaged Muscle Supplements Amino Synergy + PurCaf Caffine are now available. The new flavors are Orange and Peach Tea. The two new flavors of KM Amino Synergy joins the existing Raspberry Lemonade. Orange and Peach Tea flavors are only available in the caffeinated version.

Amino Synergy is Kaged Muscle's EAA product. We've done a full review on it here

You can buy the new flavors right now and save 20%! Use coupon code FLAVOR20 to save 20%.

Use coupon code FLAVOR20 to save 20%

Fitness Informant's POV

I really enjoyed these two flavors the most out of any flavoring system Kaged Muscle has used. My one feedback on the brand was their flavoring was underwhelming BUT that is because they are natural flavors. Knowing that you know you are going to get that "natural flavor" taste. With that said, Orange and Peach Tea don't have that taste to them. Solid flavors by KM. Nice to see the brand making some noise in 2019!

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