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Over $40,000 Raised for Australia

Every now and then a feel good story graces the sports nutrition industry. An industry looked at as an ego driven, money hungry industry did something special over the weekend of January 17-19. Several brands partnered with Fitness Informant to help support the efforts in Australia by donating a portion of their profits to two charities to aid in the efforts. Over $40,000 was raised and donated to support NSW Rural Fire Brigade & Wires Wildlife Rescue.

Nine brands elected to participate in the Supplement Drive for Good with Fitness Informant. Several other brands in the industry also helped raise money and awareness through their own campaigns. The brands who partnered with FI choose how they would raise money. Brands decided to donate directly to the charities, donate a percentage of their profits from all sales over the weekend, sales on certain products or some even created a unique product just for the efforts and donated the profits from the sales on those unique products. Regardless of how the brands decided to participate, they put everything else in the rear view mirror and elected to come together to help support a noble cause.

The fires are still burning in Australia, but the sports nutrition industry has done their part, and continues to do their part, to help the efforts. The final amount raised by the Supplement Drive for Good was $40,068. The industry donated 50% to NSW Rural Fire Brigade and the remaining 50% to Wires Wildlife Rescue.

Participating Brands

Alpha Lion
Core Nutritionals
Revive MD
MPA Supps
Purus Labs

Fitness Informant's POV

I wish I could write more stories like this. When we were approached with this idea I thought it was a slam dunk. Many US based companies do big business in Australia. The brands did not hesitate. They stepped up immediately and committed dollars to the cause. This is the good side of our industry. While people on the outside looking in may look at us as degenerates and money-hungry assholes, we have a lot of good that doesn't get highlighted enough. This has been one of the proudest moments in my career within the sports nutrition industry. Thank you to the brands who participated and the consumers who purchased during this time to help this cause. LFG!

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