SUPPS: The Movie Available Now on Amazon Prime Video

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SUPPS: The Movie
First Feature Documentary on Sports Supplements

On September 5th, 2019 producer/director Alex Ardenti released SUPPS: The Movie on Amazon Prime Video streaming service.  SUPPS: The Movie is the first feature length documentary film on the history, evolution and current state of the massive 40 Billion Dollar sports supplement industry.

‘’I’ve had several offers to sell the film outright but I’ve turned down all of them without hesitation.” Says Ardenti founder of Ardenti Films the movie’s production company. “The main reason being that most distributors wanted me to alter the narrative of the film and include a ‘dark side’ of the industry or exposing illegal products masked as dietary supplements. My whole reason for producing this documentary was to show that the vast majority of big brands in the sports-supplement industry care a great deal about the quality of the products they put into the market. It’s goal is to educate and inform the public.”

The dietary supplement market is growing rapidly at over 8% every year with thousands of brands manufacturing hundreds of thousands of products worldwide. The EU market now parallels the US and Australasia isn’t too far behind.

 A fitness magazine photographer turned TV commercial director Ardenti chose this niche for his directorial feature debut because he has been prolifically working in the advertising world of supplements since 1990 and has witnessed a good portion of it’s history unfold firsthand. His advertising images were integral to the launch of legacy brands such as Muscletech, EAS, MetRx, BSN and Weider Nutrition. He considers his mentor Joe Weider the founder of the modern supplement industry and is heavily featured in the film.

“No one has ever documented the history of the sports supplement industry and there is certainly a lot to talk about. The first 60-minutes alone are dedicated to the historical golden era of fitness and supplements and I suggest you watch the 2-hour doc in 2-3 sittings. A mainstream distributor would have certainly done away with a lot of the history in the film but for me that’s the best part. I think it’s the most fun to watch!”

SUPPS: The Movie is available on Amazon Prime Video: and internationally on Vimeo On Demand

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To Contact Alex Ardenti: [email protected] / [email protected]
Ardenti Films (818) 517 5617 @alexardenti @suppsmovie on all social media

Fitness Informant's POV

I was anxiously awaiting this documentary for so long. I had the opportunity to interview the director Alex Ardenti for the Be Informed. Live Fit. podcast. This project has been ongoing for years, and it has finally seen the light of day.

First off, we greatly appreciate our brand being used in the documentary. That means the world to us, but that does not impact our POV on this documentary.

I love the sports nutrition industry. What SUPPS: The Movie looks at, in chronological order, is the rise of this $40 billion dollar. The documentary starts before our time and talks about the pioneers of the industry, including Joe Weider. This era may not resonate with many of us millennials, but it is still very interesting nonetheless to fully understand where this industry started. In fact, you may laugh at some of the products shown.

Companies like EAS and Met-RX are showcased as two big pioneers in the space, and they were. Today, EAS no longer exists and Met-RX has not been heard from in years, but the supplements they brought to market changed the industry.

We do get into new-age companies like Mutant, 5% Nutrition and more. These brands we should recognize.

A unique portion of the documentary, which comes at the end, looks at the most popular supplements like whey protein, creatine, pre-workouts, amino acids and fat burners. They interview a plethora of personalities that gives you their perspective on those categories. 

Overall, I loved the documentary. I loved it because I want to know everything about the industry in which I cover. For those of you that could care less about the industry, I still think you are going to love this documentary as it covers the rise of a $40 billion industry, something many people love to experience. 

Big congrats to Alex and his team on this documentary. 

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