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ZIM FIT GET PMPD: Low Caffeine, Big Pumps

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ZIM FIT one of the industry's newest brands in the game has revealed the details of their newest low stim pre-workout GET PMPD. Joining their high stim pre-workout GET FKD, GET PMPD packs a punch in with a high potency pump formula, and nice smaller hit of caffeine. Perfect for those who might be using this product at night or trying to limit their caffeine, without sacrificing their pump formula or having to pair several products together. Enter your text here...

ZIM FIT GET PMPD Supplement Breakdown

With a heavy focus on blood flow over stimulation in this formula GET PMPD did not sell it short at all. 

ZIMFIT USA GET PMPD SFPL-Citrulline – 7,000mg

Found to be the main nitric oxide producing ingredient you will find used in almost every pre-workout on the market. L -Citrulline can help increase athletic performance with the increased blood flow to the active muscles, resulting in better workouts and increased “pumps”. Most standard dosing’s for L-Citrulline have been found at using 3,000mg – 6,000mg used in some pre-workouts on the market. GET PMPD has given us not only that, but a little extra cherry on top at a 7,000mg dosing. 

Beta Alanine – 3,200mg 

The “itchy” feeling ingredient found in pre-workout. Beta-Alanine one of the best endurance ingredients that can be put in pre-workouts. Beta-Alanine and essential amino acid is a pre cursor to carnosine. With the use of carnosine in the body it helps buffer pH levels in the body during physical activity, helping reduce onset fatigue and failure of muscles. In turn this will help your endurance during your workout to keep up the intensity and duration of your workout leading to more strength and muscle growth. Recommended dosing’s of Beta-Alanine have been suggested between 3,200mg-6,400mg. Get PMPD gives us this recommended dosing at 3,200mg, being great for someone who doesn’t want to get too “itchy” , but still have the capability to add additional Beta-Alanine to the formula if desired.

Glycerpump 65% Glycerol – 3,000mg

ZIM FIT has taken a smart approach by adding glycerpump. Glycerpump a highly potent form of glycerol, but also a very shelf stable form of glycerol has been added to help increase potency of this formula while making sure it will not clump up in your pre-workout. Glycerpump will act like a sponge with absorbing hydrati0n into your muscle cells. With increasing your intercellular hydration this can help with your performance while working out with power output, and also increased pumps and vascularity. Most dosing’s of Glycerpump will be found at 1,000mg dosing’s. GET PMPD holds true to its name by tripling that and delivering 3,000mgs.

Betaine Anhydrous- 2,500mg

ZIM FIT has added a very good complimentary ingredient along with the use of Glycerpump, by adding Betaine Anhydrous. Working alongside the same concept of hydrating muscle cells to increase water pumps, and helping with strength output you will find the use of Betaine Anhydrous. Betaine Anhydrous has also been found to help with increased protein synthesis leading to recovery as well, which is why it has been compared to the use of creatine. Most suggested use of Betaine Anhydrous has been found anywhere between 1,250mg – 3,000mg. GET PMPD hits it right in the perfect spot with 2,500mg.

L-Tyrosine – 1,500mg 

Making a good pre-workout isn’t always about adding in the highest stimulant or highest pump ingredients, you want to make sure you balance it out with good mental focus ingredients as well. GET PMPD has included the use of L-Tyrosine for this reason. L-Tyrosine an non-essential amino acid, an essential component for the production of several important brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. This can lead to help keeping your focus up in the weightroom. With dosages per day varied dependent on the weight of the user. Dosing’s can range from 7,000mg -13,000mg depending on body size. With finding the usage of L-Tyrosine in several other product on the market ZIM FIT has given us a safe but effective dosing at 1,500mg.

L-Taurine – 1,500mg 

With Taurine being very abundant in our bodies it will also hold a very abundant number of benefits of why to put it into a pre-workout. ZIM FIT has included this ingredient for several different benefits including increased stamina & endurance, increased muscle contraction, and promoting cognitive function just to name a few. With the suggested use of Taurine in pre-workout to be between 1,000mg – 2,000mg in pre-workouts. GET PMPD delivers with a very generous dosing of 1,500mg. 

Alpha GPC 50% – 200mg

Making sure your mental focus stays up during your workout, ZIM FIT has added in Alpha GPC to help work hand in hand with included L-Tyrosine in this formula. Alpha GPC formally made from Choline in the body as well as made and added into dietary supplements, can help improve brain health and cognitive function during your workout. With the use of Alpha GPC in GET PMPD you can notice an increase of mental focus and power output. Most commonly suggested to be dosed at 600mg twice a day, you will find 200mg in this formula giving you enough for utilization of Alpha GPC, but also the capability to pair it with other products that may contain more. 

L-Theanine – 100mg 

With the most direct relation of the usage of L-Theanine in supplements is thought to be used to help relax you or put your body at ease, can also be a very essential part of a pre-workout. The use of L-Theanine in pre-workout is very beneficial as a balancer. If used in combination with stimulant such as caffeine, it can help balance out the effects of feeling over stimulated to help prevent jitteriness. L-Theanine not only helps prevents the jitteriness, but also helps the body adapt to stress. As exercise is a stressor the use of L-Theanine can help us respond better mentally and physically to help keep a clearer mindset while we workout. With suggested dosing’s of L-Theanine ranging from 50mg -200mg a day, GET PMD delivers at 100mg. 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 85mg

Dosed on the lower side of most pre-workouts, GET PMPD only uses 85mg of caffeine as in most pre-workouts on the market today it is very common to see the use of this immediate energy stimulant dosed at 200mg up to even 400mg. Even though this is on the lower side, it can still be effective for a small kick of immediate energy, or great for someone working out late in the day, or for someone who is very sensitive to caffeine.

Astragin – 50mg

Astragin = Absorbtion, easiest way to remember it. Astragin has been found to help nutrient absorption in the body. With usage in pre-workouts, it’s been found to help with the absorption of arginine, helping increase nitric oxide and vascularity. With the increase nitric oxide, you will find a greater energy output and increased pump. With the most optimal dosage of Astragin being at 50mg , ZIM FIT has delivered just that at 50mg dosing.

Huperzine A 1% – 50mg 

Rounding out this formula you will find Huperzine A. This ingredient may not add 50lbs on your bench or make you run faster, but it will help increase mental stimulation and focus in your workouts. With suggested dosing’s being ranged from 200mcg – 500mcg , you will find that GET PMPD will use 50mg of Huperzine A. 

Final Takeaway

My final takeaway of the newcomer GET PMPD is that is a very smart formula. Utilizing various mental focus ingredients, a heavy profile of blood flow & pump ingredients, and very little caffeine. This is great to keep your head in the workout with good performance and not getting overly stimulated. This product is great for someone who is working out late in their day, someone who uses other stimulants throughout the day, or someone who is just now starting to use pre-workouts. Alot of people will say you can always half scoop a pre-workout, which you definitely can if you don't want all the caffeine. However, you're also only then getting half of some of the best performance ingredients you're wanting mainly in a pre-workout to be most effective.

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