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JST WRK Energy Launches Unicorn Blood Flavor

JST WRK Unicorn Blood

JST WRK Energy has just launched its newest flavor to the line. As the title states, the new flavor is Unicorn Blood. This is the first new flavor to be introduced to the line, and the fifth in the lineup.

Axe & Sledge is known for their flavors having unique names that don't really describe what they are (Shark Bite for example), and Unicorn Blood is one of them. Unicorn Blood is supposed to be a take on Rainbow Sherbet, at least that's what you find when you check out the Axe & Sledge website and look up the description. It will be interesting to see how this translates to an energy drink

You will be able to buy this directly from their website, or at various retailers. It will not be available at Vitamin Shoppe. Be sure to stay tuned for a taste test on our IG!

Final Takeaway

Nice to see Axe & Sledge invest in this line. The Shark Bite is a very well done flavor, and I am excited to try this one out. While the name is cool, sometimes it would be nice if they had a flavor description on the can somewhere. 

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