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PART I: Sports Nutrition Expert Roundtable (feat. Kris Gethin, Marc Lobliner, Mark Glazier and Ryback Reeves)

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The fitness industry and sports nutrition industry has many differing opinions on a variety of topics. The debate will go on-and-on for decades about some of these topics among those of us who participate in these communities. It is OK to have a differing of opinion from others. There isn’t always a right answer or a wrong answer. A right way or the wrong way. It’s not always cut and dry.

To prove this, we compiled a list of 16 questions we wanted to ask experts in the industry to get their opinions on these topics. Each expert was asked the questions without knowing the responses from the other participants. These topics included information on their back story, their thoughts on today’s bodybuilding, supplements, steroids, MLMs and much more.

Our Expert Roundtable will be split up into a three-part series. This series will be posted each week as we lead up to the 2017 Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In part I of our Expert Roundtable you will get to know the participants a little more. We will ask them questions about their background and how they got involved in the industry. We will discuss their role models, and how they influenced them. Then we will finish by asking their opinion on the sport of bodybuilding.

Part II of our Expert Roundtable will feature more information on their sports nutrition lines. ​You will learn about what they say separates themselves from the others. They share the secrets to success in this over-saturated industry. You will also learn what supplement they are most proud of, and what one you should take before any others.

In Part III we will discuss with the experts various fitness industry questions. These will include their thoughts on MLMs (multi-level marketing companies), social media’s impact on the industry, the use of anabolic steroids, any regrets they may have, and where they see the future of the fitness and supplement industry.

We hope you are educated by this Expert Roundtable. We plan on bringing you more of these to FitnessInformant.com in the very near future.​

We were honored to have our experts on our roundtable. Below you will be able to read more information on our experts. They include CEO of MTS Nutrition Marc Lobliner, CEO of Kaged Muscle Supplements Kris Gethin, CEO of NutraBio Mark Glazier, and CEO of Feed Me More Nutrition, and former WWE Superstar, Ryback Reeves.  Take a few moments to get to know our participants.​

Meet Our Experts

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin

CEO Kaged Muscle Supplements

Kris is the founder of DTP training method, Director and Co-founder of Gethin Gyms, Main Male Spokesmodel of Bodybuilding.com, and former editor and chief. He is the Director of Trainers for Physique Global and CEO of the supplement brand KAGED MUSCLE which and shipped worldwide and has already become the highest rated and reviewed supplement company in the world.

His passion and determination for building a better, stronger, healthier body and mind pushes him to achieve great things for himself physically and mentally, thus enabling him to motivate and inspire his followers and fans across the world to achieve greatness for themselves. Kris has transformed millions of physiques through his immensely popular video series shown on Bodybuilding.com. including the immensely popular 12 week muscle building trainer.​

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner

CEO MTS Nutrition
CMO TigerFitness.com

Marc is currently Chief Marketing Officer of TigerFitness.com, a 2012/2013/2014 INC. 500/5000 company as well as Owner/CEO of two of the fastest growing supplement companies, EthiTech Nutrition and MTS Nutrition.

Marc has been featured in Muscle & Strength, MuscleMag International (Italy), and Ironman (Australia) magazines, and has appeared in Men’s Fitness as a physique model. Marc has authored several print articles that have appeared in trade magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, as well as online at Bodybuilding.com, and has also co-authored 10 books on the subject of physique transformation​

Mark Glazier

Mark Glazier

CEO NutraBio

Mark is the CEO and founder of NutraBio Labs. NutraBio was created in 1996 on the premise of “Never Compromising” meaning providing quality and transparency to the consumer. Mark has been in the sports supplement industry as a brand owner, formulator and manufacturer for over 22 years. He travels the country as an advocate for improving dietary supplement industry standards, exposing scams and educating the sports nutrition industry on proper supplementation and manufacturing techniques. Mark serves on the Natural Products Association committee for Sports Nutrition.

For over twenty years NutraBio has been committed to providing efficacious and quality supplements. In 2001, NutraBio revolutionized the supplement industry by becoming the first brand to commit to No Proprietary Blends and full label disclosure, banning all fillers and excipients from their products, guaranteeing full therapeutic dosages and manufacturing their own products to control every aspect of quality. NutraBio supplements are manufactured in the United States in their own GMP certified manufacturing facility to meet or exceed FDA 21 CFR Part 111 CGMP Regulations.

Ryback Reeves WWE

Ryback Reeves

CEO Feed Me More Nutrition

Ryback is a former WWE superstar who left the company to start his own supplement company, Feed Me More Nutrition. Through a series of testing over the years, Ryback was able to formulate his own products which are now being produced for everyone in the world. Currently Feed Me More Nutrition has a pre-workout, grass fed isolate protein an all-natural testosterone booster and a fat burner.

Can you please recall the story or moment in your life that influenced your decision to pursue a career in fitness and sports nutrition?

My mother was/is a drug addict and my father was an overeater. He developed type 2 diabetes.

Health and fitness and to help get better at football are the reasons. My main reason for starting exercising was to prevent disease for myself but luckily, this carried over into football and allowed me to excel at that. The main driving forces were my parents.

It started with the doctor saying, “If you don’t watch it, you’ll get diabetes.” Then, “If you don’t watch it, you’ll need to inject insulin, not just take pills.” And finally, “Your kidneys failed. You’re blind, deaf, and cannot drive or work ever again.”

I recall coming home from football practice one day as a senior in high school to find my apartment filled with paramedics. My father had a stroke. This was not the first. It was on a business trip to Arizona when he had his first stroke. I cried for hours. I witnessed his demise and it was all because he didn’t take care of himself.

Marc LoblinerCEO MTS Nutrition

This is when I decided health and fitness was for me. I was in high school and the latter part, college. I witnessed this.

It was when I began experiencing the alleviation from pain within my back following a course of rehab weight training. When I started researching more into the benefits of weight training, I found that I was able to retain all of the information because it became a passion. From there I decided to go to college for three years to study it full time. I still have that same passion, so it will always be my career.

There was no specific moment in my life that influenced my decision to make fitness and sports nutrition my career, it just seems to have been a given for me as long as I can remember.

I began martial arts training when I was around 8 years old, started teaching when I was 14 and never looked back. When I was 12, I found 110 pound weight set boxed up our basement closet with a bunch of black and white bodybuilding magazines. I mimicked the routines in the magazines and I was hooked on lifting.

I started teaching professionally in 1982, opened my own karate schools in 1985 and even a couple gyms along the way. I incorporated weight training and nutrition into my karate schools which was frowned upon back then, but I believed it was important.

Somewhere along the way I started making supplements in my garage and that led to opening NutraBio in 1996. My whole life has been dedicated to fitness and nutrition, so far it’s been a 47 year journey and there is no telling where it will go from here.

Marc Glazier Karate

I’ve had a fascination with fitness and sports nutrition since early childhood. I remember my mother keeping a cabinet filled with herbs & vitamins. Working out and cooking healthy meals for our family was routine for her. Seeing that, ignited my passion leading me to explore the interest further.

I began working out – using body weight exercises at 11 years old. I was always intrigued by the fitness gadgets on TV by guys like Tony Little and Body by Jake.

During my time performing with WWE, I became more conscious of the stuff I was putting in my body. We were constantly drug tested, with multiple talents failing over the use of tainted supplements. As a result, I started creating my own formulas – forgoing artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and sucralose and using only natural ingredients that I knew worked.

My physique is a result of proper nutrition, supplementation, and an obsessed work ethic. I’ve relied heavily on natural supplements throughout my career, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what’s safe and what’s not.

Ryback in WWE

It was during a commute from one WWE event to another, while listening to an audiobook by Robert Greene that everything clicked for me one day. Greene mentions that as humans, we are not meant to work for others and that the ultimate freedom and gift in life is to work for yourself, essentially creating your own rules. I knew right then, that I needed to follow my passion and that’s exactly what I did with Feed Me More Nutrition.

Inside of the fitness industry, who has been your role model?

My role model is my brother, that’s it. There is nobody in this industry worthy of this title. My brother helped raise me and as my 6 year elder, showed me how to be a man. He is also an IFPA Pro Bodybuilder, but that means nothing. He is SVP for Prizelogic and an amazing man and father.


MTS Nutrition is more than just a supplement line to me. It’s my story. It has a meaning and a purpose. Each MTS Nutrition product embodies my passion for health and fitness and echoes the struggles of my past and the lives that my products help to change on a daily basis.

Dorian Yates.

I don’t have a specific role model in the fitness industry that I can point to; rather I have had countless people that influenced me over the years. From the athletes in those old black and white bodybuilding magazines I found in my basement back in 1974, who gave me my start in weight training, to martial arts legends Jhoon Rhee, Jeff Smith and Tiger Schulmann. You have probably never heard of them but their lifelong commitment, not just to martial arts, but also nutrition and physical fitness have collectively influenced millions of people over the years. I am grateful to call them my friends and mentors.

I’ve always admired Arnold Schwarzenegger’s work ethic. Initially, as a child, I watched him on TV and in movies and later on in life read one of his books which helped me understand his mindset on life. I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction – but also in having a clear vision of what you want and the work ethic to achieve it. Arnold is walking/talking proof of all that.

Ryback and Arnold

Can you please recall the story of the first time that you met your role model from the previous question? Were you nervous? Excited? Any funny moments?

It was probably right after I flew out of my mom’s vagina.

I wasn’t that nervous, but very excited. We have become good friends over the years; he stayed with me several times when I lived LA and Boise, and I have stayed with him in Birmingham and Spain several times.

Kris Gethin with Dorian Yates


KAGED MUSCLE has three rules of formulation for every product bearing our name: it has to be efficacious, safe, and backed by science. If a product doesn’t meet all of these rules, we don’t produce it.

KAGED MUSCLE guarantees the potency of its products. We verify each production batch so that what you read on the product label is what you’ll receive in the product.

So a funny story actually came from my moment of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger backstage at a Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn where Arnold was the guest host for the evening. I spoke about this on the Talk is Jericho podcast a couple years back and initially was quite upset, but looking back it’s rather hilarious.

I was in my Ryback wrestling attire and I had just taped up. I did a mild pump and warm up in the back to prepare for a match later in the night. I’m in the zone, walking around the corner and the next thing I know, I’m literally face-to-face with Arnold (we had never met at this point).

Now remind you, I have never asked for a picture or autograph from anyone my entire life nor will I, but here I stood next to a man that truly has influenced my life. He looked me up and down (in my mind, admiring my physique) and we shook hands. Arnold was getting ready to speak to me and right before he can get a word out (most likely once again going to compliment my physique) the WWE ring announcer swoops in grabbing Arnold to take a selfie.

Arnold’s security was not too happy, as this particular ring announcer was notorious for being a fan boy backstage and more times than not annoying other famous people. They grabbed Arnold and rushed him along to his dressing room. I stood there watching as the announcer waltzed off with a huge smile on his face… I have not seen Arnold since.

Do you consider bodybuilding a sport? Why or why not?

Bodybuilding is not a sport in the sense of unbiased and objective scoring, such as scoring a touchdown, but it involves movement. I would classify it more or less as a pageant over a sport.

Of course. It requires discipline, practice, 24/365 dedication, intensity, commitment, investment, consistency, etc., much like anything else that’s considered a sport.

By definition, a sport is an activity that entails physical exertion and skill and involves an individual or team competing against others for entertainment. So, while casual bodybuilding itself might not be considered a sport, competitive bodybuilding incorporates each of these aspects and most certainly is.


NutraBio was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing our customers with the most effective supplements. In 2001, we revolutionized the supplement industry by introducing four quality commitments: Never using proprietary blends & guaranteeing full label disclosure, banning all fillers, excipients & additives from our products, guaranteeing full therapeutic dosages of every active ingredient, and manufacturing our own products so we could control every aspect of quality.

Use coupon code INFORMANT to save 5% off all NutraBio products.

Although you do not typically see the physical exertion aspect of bodybuilding on stage, it is hard to deny the severity of the physical training that bodybuilders go through in the months and years leading to completion.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of sport is as follows: A contest or game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other. : sports in general. : a physical activity (such as hunting, fishing, running, swimming, etc.).

Based off of that definition, I consider bodybuilding to be a sport and posing to be a physical activity. I know firsthand from having to flex in the ring during my matches, that posing requires a lot of physical energy. No two sports require the same exact skillset. Bodybuilding definitely requires a unique skillset, especially at a high level.

There has been a lot of debate in the world of bodybuilding on the personal preference of body types in competition. What are your thoughts on the body types of today (Phil Heath/Kai Green) versus “then” (Arnold/Lee Haney/Lou Ferrigno)? What’s your preference?

As with anything, sports evolve. NFL linemen are now 350lbs whereas in the 1960’s they were 200lbs. It is only logical people will get bigger and leaner in a sport judged on size and conditioning. I like both looks.

I actually like the physiques of today, but its all dependent on that person’s particular body type. I am not keen on the distended and blocky bellies, but I like the fuller physiques, the mass monsters, and ultimate conditioning.

I want to see something deemed as unattainable. It’s not something I would want to look like personally, that’s if I had the gifts and genetics to do so, but I really do appreciate it.

Personally I prefer the “then” category of Arnold, Haney and Ferrigno, but I will defer this question to those on this roundtable who have more expertise on the subject.

Bodybuilders of Then vs. Now

I personally have no preference, as everyone brings their own unique style and body. It’s like in any sport, it really isn’t fair to compare talents of today to yesteryear – we as humans evolve and change.


Feed Me More Nutrition was founded by former WWE Superstar Ryback Reeves. Feed Me More Nutrition featured four sports nutrition supplements: grass fed whey protein isolate, pre-workout, an all-natural testosterone booster and a fat burner. Each product is made with the highest quality ingredients available.

People influence people and as we continue to evolve and grow mentally, we learn from others and things just change over time. I think you just have to respect that and understand nothing ever really stays the same.

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