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Elimistane (Luteolin): Usage, Dosage & Recommended Products


What the hell is Elimistane? It’s a great question that deserves to be answered. In its simplest form, Elimistane is the brand name for high quality Luteolin, a naturally occurring flavonoid that controls estrogen levels and improves cholesterol levels. We will dive deeper into the science behind Elimistane, why it’s needed, how much is needed and what are the ideal products on the market today containing this ingredient.

The Benefits of Elimistane

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Elimistane has two primary benefits. The first, and probably most important, is its ability to control estrogen levels. The second, which is a positive benefit of the first, is its ability to reduce cholesterol levels, something most anti-estrogen products don’t do well. Note: High quality Luteolin (Eliminstane) is also beneficial to users who do not use SARMs or anabolic steroids, who want to improve hormonal levels and general health.

Anti-Estrogen (Aromatase Inhibitor)

Elimistane, also known as Luteolin, is an optimal ingredient used to suppress aromatase. According to, aromatase is an enzyme involved in the production of estrogen that acts by catalyzing the conversion of testosterone, an androgen, to estradiol, an estrogen. Essentially, the higher your testosterone amount in your body, the more likely your body will attempt to convert some of, or most of that, to estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors, like Elimistane or Arimistane, are a must-use if you are using any type of exogenous testosterone product like a pro hormone, SARM or an anabolic cycle.

AromataseLuteolin was studied as a potential aromatase inhibitor in the treatment of breast cancer. The growth of some breast cancers is promoted by estrogens. By inhibiting aromatase, the idea is by inhibiting aromatase, it can aid in breast cancer treatment.The study concluded that Leteolin (Luteolin) aka Elimistane does, in fact, suggest that Luteolin inhibits estrogen biosynthesis by decreasing aromatase expression and destabilizing aromatase protein.

Reduction in AromataseA secondary study was conducted to verify the first study. The secondary study did confirm that Luteolin is consistent with the anti-estrogenic and anti-proliferative properties of Luteolin in normal and malignant cells. This confirms that Luteolin is a verified AI, aromatase inhibitor, that should be used during a cycle (Olympus Labs Elim1nate and Arimicare Pro) and post-cycle (Sup3r PCT).

Cholesterol Control

A secondary benefit to Elimistane is the ability to reduce cholesterol levels. This is something that is not typical with AI, aromatase inhibitors. A study looked at the effects of Luteolin and Quercetin on cholesterol levels in rats. The results were clear, Luteolin and Quercetin inhibited cholesterol absorption. Serum cholesterol levels significantly decreased more in rats fed both cholesterol and Luteolin, than in those observed in the cholesterol feeding group. Long story short, these results suggest that Luteolin reduce high blood cholesterol levels by specifically inhibiting intestinal cholesterol absorption.

A secondary study was conducted on the effects of Luteolin on LDL levels, or the bad cholesterol. It’s one thing to reduce cholesterol levels, but you want to make sure you are reducing the bad, and not the good.  The study also looked at lipid and plaque development on the walls of the arteries. The results were clear, when dosed with 100mg of Luteolin per day, total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL‑cholesterol levels were decreased in the plasma of western diet + Luteolin mice compared with those fed with a western diet alone. This dosage also improved plaque development and lipid accumulation in the abdominal aorta.

Luteolin Reduces LDLIt can be concluded based off of these two studies, that Elimistane’s active ingredient, Luteolin, can help reduce LDL levels, the bad cholesterol, in your body.

Dosage of Elimistane

There has not been a discovered ideal dosage of Luteolin. However, in the studies that looked at estrogen control, they used very small amounts of Luteolin and discovered positive benefits. Dosages as low as 25mg per day (200lb person) was shown to be effective.

In the studies on cholesterol reduction, dosages of 100mg were used and proved to reduce LDL.

It should be noted that Eliminstane can be used on-cycle, post-cycle or anytime by anybody.

Licensing Eliminstane

If you’re a company looking to use Eiminstane in your products, the ingredient is available for use under a licensing agreement with Olympus Labs. If interested, please email [email protected].

Final Takeaway

If you are thinking about taking a hardcore supplement or drug, like a pro-hormone, SARM or an anabolic cycle, you MUST be smart about it. You need to take an aromatase inhibitor like Elimistane to help prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. If this happens, you can suffer from gynecomastia, or man tits. This isn’t just a visual thing, it can also be very painful. Tissue swelling and tenderness of the breast is something you NEED to be concerned about. The last thing you want is for a tumor to develop because you weren’t being smart about your supplement choices.

Eliminstane has so much promise based on the studies referenced above. Reduction of aromatase means less conversion to estrogen. Plus, the added benefit of cholesterol control, specifically a reduction in LDL is a MUST! Be smart about your next cycle and incorporate Eliminstane during your cycle and post-cycle.

NOTE: these were not human verified claims, but results found in research studies. 

Recommended Elimistane Products

Arimicare Pro

Olympus Labs Arimicare Pro


Olympus Labs Elim1nate

Sup3r PCT

Olympus Labs Sup3r PCT

To view more on Olympus Labs, visit their brand page here.

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