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We get asked all the time, "how are you different?" We focus on creating award-winning products by leveraging years of research to create clinically dosed formulas you can trust.

Everyone of Olympus Labs products tells a story. Are you a Protector? A Conqueror? A King?

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Olympus Labs Superior Protein

Superior Protein


Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition

Blood Shr3d Black Magic Edition


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Olympus Labs Latest Reviews

Olympus Labs I Am Supreme Review: High Stim, High Energy Workout
I Am Supreme from Olympus Labs is not new, it is actually their old Reign re-named with a new flavoring system. We've reviewed Reign and this is an upgrade from the former version due to better taste.
Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition Review: Best OTC Fat Burner?
Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Black Edition makes the list of fat burners we approve of. Following up their 2017 Supplement Award on their RAW Edition, the Black Magic Edition jams in stims to help with energy production which speeds up metabolism, as well as appetite suppressant and focus enhancement. If you’re looking for an OTC fat burner, and a strong one at that, Bloodshr3d Black Magic Edition should be your go-to.
Olympus Labs Superior Protein Review: The Best Tasting Protein
Superior Protein from OL did not disappoint. This is one of the best, if not the best, tasting protein we’ve ever had. It features delicious cereal flavors BUT it also features high quality protein sources. They nailed this line. If you’re looking for an amazing tasting protein powder that also features high quality, fully disclosed protein sources, then Superior Protein is the king.
Olympus Labs Re1gn Review: A Pre-Workout with Punch
e1gn utilizes several patent ingredients including AGmass, Vaso6, AstraGIN and KannaEase in this pre-workout to provide a solid PWO that promotes endurance, focus, energy and pumps. The product does exactly that. You won’t get a jolt of energy like you will with many PWOs on the market, and this is not a bad thing. Re1gn is a great pre-workout for those who are high on energy and endurance.
Olympus Labs Bloodshr3d Raw Edition Review: A Reason It Was #1 Rated
We tried out Bloodshr3d for our first Olympus Labs product. Bloodshr3d is a hardcore fat burner powder. It utilizes two components in this product: Maximum Lipolysis Activator and an Extreme Energy, Focus and Thermogenic Trifecta. This fat burner is one of the best thermogenics we’ve used as we experienced great increases in body temp and major appetite suppressing. A solid combination for a great fat burner.

Olympus Labs Latest News and Articles

Olympus Lyfestyle Launch Party at EDM Music Festival
Olympus Lyfestyle, formerly known as Olympus Labs, is having a launch party at a popular EDM music festival Esscalation Music Festival.
Elimistane (Luteolin): Usage, Dosage & Recommended Products
Elimistane aka Luteolin is a powerful flavonoid shown to help control blood pressure and estrogen levels. Learn about optimal dosages and products!
Olympus Labs Announces Levels, A New Pre-Workout from the Brand
Olympus Labs has announced Levels, a new pre-workout featuring Dynamine, Caffeine, S7, GlycerPump, Cognizin and more.
Olympus Labs No Mercy Features New Look and Great Label
Olympus Labs has officially released their label and look for No Mercy, their new pump product coming in March.
Olympus Labs No Mercy Coming March 1
Olympus Labs new pump product featuring S7 is set to launch on March 1st.
First Shot to Try Olympus Labs New Intra Workout Product
Want to have a chance to try Olympus Labs new intra workout supplement? Here's your chance too!
Olympus Labs No Mercy Will Feature Powerful NO Boosting S7
Olympus Labs announces new pump product, No Mercy, and it will feature the powerful NO boosting ingredient S7.