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Higenamine: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

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Higenamine is a chemical found in certain plants which may have fat loss and energy boosting properties.

NOTICE: As of 4/16/2019, Higenamine is now listed on the FDA's Dietary Supplement Advisory List. This does not mean this ingredient is unsafe, but the FDA does not believe Higenamine is a lawful ingredient in dietary supplements.

Uses of Higenamine

Higenamine is commonly found in pre-workouts and fat loss supplements. It is seen as being a potential alternative to Ephedrine and Synephrine, meaning it acts as a beta-agonist, although there needs to be more research done on it. 

Since there isn’t too much research on it as of yet, a lot of the claims for it are theoretical for the time being. Since it acts as a beta-agonist, it may increase fat loss and energy. 

As for endurance, Higenamine has a short half-life, which may not make it as useful for that. The mean half-lift for Higeamine is 8 minutes

Interactions with Higenamine

In one study, the combination of Yohimbe, Caffeine and Higenamine were used and it was shown, at least acutely, to increase lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids.) 

We would like to see more evidence for it as a stand-alone or with just Caffeine, as the addition of Yohimbe and Caffeine can certainly skew results.

Higemaine, due to it being a stimulant, is a vasoconstrictor which can limit blood flow. Ingredients that improve blood flow like Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate or Nitrosigine are recommended to not be used with Higenamine.  

Side Effects of Higenamine

Due to Higenamine acting as a stimulant, it may increase heart rate and blood pressure. 

Recommended Higenamine Dosage

There is not a clinically accepted or generally accepted optimal amount of Higenamine. You will typically find Higenamine dosed between 25mg and 50mg. 

Recommended Supplements Featuring Higenamine

The following products contain Higenamine at the recommended dosage, and are recommended supplements for Fitness Informant:

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