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Senactiv (formerly known as ActiGin): Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage and Supplements

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Senactiv, formerly known as Actigin, is a patent ingredient comprised of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii that has shown to increase endurance during high intensity interval training, increase ATP production and improve recovery by reducing inflammation and increasing muscle glycogen levels in one in-vivo and four human clinical trials. 

Uses of Senactiv

Senactiv is a patent ingredient from NuLiv Science that has been shown to increase time to exhaustion in high intensity interval training, increase ATP production, speed up recovery by reducing inflammation in the muscle and increasing muscle glycogen levels and eliminate deteriorating muscle cells. Due to Senactiv’s performance enhancing abilities, Senactiv is used in pre-workouts, intra-workouts and muscle recovery nutrition products.

Senactiv ATP increased through muscle glycogen stores during high intensity interval trainingA randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover study was performed on healthy young men. One group received ActiGin and the other group received a placebo the night before the tests. The results indicated that the group who used ActiGin saw an approximate 20% increase in their high intensity interval training cycling time-to-exhaustion on their VO2max.  The results of this study prove ActiGin can increase time to exhaustion (endurance time) during high intensity interval training.

This same study saw an increase in Citrate synthase by 42%, which is a cause of increased ATP production.

Senactiv and DOMS - recovery nutrition and increased muscle glycogenSenactivDuring this same study, researchers looked at levels of lipid peroxidation. Elevated levels of lipd peroxidation can lead to DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness. The results of the study indicated that those who supplemented with Senactiv actually suppressed lipid peroxidation versus placebo group, leading researchers to believe that Senactiv can aid in muscle recovery. This is why you see Senactiv used in many of the new muscle recovery nutrition products.

Along those same lines, Senactiv has been shown to increase muscle glycogen levels by 375% after the 3rd hour after a 60 minute high intensity interval training cycling exercise. This increased muscle glycogen leads to improved recovery time. Recovery nutrition is key to alleviating muscle soreness, Senactiv is an ingredient that can be used in intra-workouts and post-workout muscle recovery nutrition products. 


In another study, Senactiv was used on humans to determine if it could eliminated senescent muscle cells. Twelve young men took part in a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled crossover study with high intensity interval training  (cycling). Participants were given Senactiv or a placebo. No changes were noted in the placebo group. However, in the group that supplemented with Senactiv, nine of the twelve participants showed complete elimination of senescent muscle cells after high intensity interval training. The results of this study prove that Senactiv effectively eliminates senescent cells in exercising humans. 

In a rat study, Senactiv proved to strengthen antioxidant defense systems in skeletal muscle. The study was performed on 40 rats, with half in the control group and half supplementing with Senactiv. The results indicated that Senactiv can use as a nutraceutical supplement to buffer the exhaustive exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Senactiv works by preserving the insulin receptor and muscle glycogen transporter on muscle membrane during high intensity interval training to ensure a continuous supply of blood glucose goes into the muscles to restore muscle glycogen levels for them to function properly. During high intensity interval training, this blood supply is disrupted and muscle glycogen stores are depleted. Senactiv overcomes this disruption by resorting muscle glycogen levels.. This is supported by the studies listed above where Senactiv can increase endurance time, reduce muscle soreness (through increasing muscle glycogen levels and reducing oxidative stress) and inflammation and eliminate senescent muscle cells. 

Due to Senactiv’s strong studies supporting the benefits of increased endurance time, increased energy production, improved recovery and elimination of senescent muscle cells, Senactiv is used as an ingredient in many pre-workout, intra-workout and muscle recovery nutrition products.

Interactions with Senactiv

Senactiv can be found in many categories of products including pre-workouts, intra-workout and muscle recovery nutrition products. It pairs well with other endurance supporting and muscle recovery ingredients like Beta-Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, elevATP, Amino Acids and Taurine

Side Effects of Senactiv

There are no known side affects at this time.

Recommended Senactiv Dosage

The recommended dosage of Senactiv is 50mg to improve time to exhausting in high intensity interval training, reduce muscle soreness by increasing muscle glycogen levels and eliminating deteriorating muscle cells. 

Recommended Supplements Featuring Senactiv

The following products contain Senactiv at the recommended dosage, and are recommended supplements for Fitness Informant:

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