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Axe & Sledge Launches New Sour Electric Lime The Grind

The Grind Sour Electric Lime

Axe & Sledge has expanded their Sour Pucker series of The Grind flavors with the addition of the limited time offering of Sour Electric Lime. Sour Electric Lime will be available until it is sold out.

Sour Electric Lime is the next coming of the Mother Pucker Series from Axe & Sledge. Previously the brand had Sour Peach Rings and Shark Bite (launched Black Friday 2023). The new Sour Electric Lime is the only current flavor of the Mother Pucker Series available in The Grind on the brand's website.

The Grind is the intra-workout product from Axe & Sledge. This is an EAA product designed to aid in increasing muscle protein synthesis for recovery.

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Final Takeaway on Axe & Sledge The Grind

The Grind is a popular intra-workout supplement from Axe & Sledge. I was a big fan of the Sour Pucker Series. I also love the lime flavor profile. Check out our One Sip Review above to hear our instant, live feedback on this flavor. Grab yours while you can as this will go fast!

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