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Build Fast Formula FullBlitz Mystery Flavor Coming; Try It First!

FullBlitz Mystery Flavor

Build Fast Formula is coming out with a new flavor of their #1 rated FullBlitz this September. The brand is calling it a "mystery flavor." They are giving fans of the brand and the product the chance to try it before anyone else.

FullBlitz is Fitness Informant's #1 rated pre-workout for pump. FullBlitz contains the same formula as our #1 rated pump product VasoBlitz with the addition of stims and cognitive enhancing ingredients.

The new flavor of FullBlitz is set to be launched in September, but the brand wants to get it to fans before the actual release. If you want to try the new flavor of FullBlitz before it is available, follow these directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign-up for their A-LIST
  3. Build Fast Formula will send out a coupon code for your FREE sample of the new FullBlitz Mystery flavor
  4. Once the sample is available, you can use the code to secure your FREE sample with FREE shipping

Fitness Informant's POV

We are big fans of FullBlitz. It provides great energy, amazing pumps and solid focus. We are told that when the sample packs are received consumers should be able to tell what the flavor is. Matt Coleman, CEO of Build Fast Formula, tells us this is the best flavor of FullBlitz yet. We cannot wait to try it.

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