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Cellucor Upgrades C4 Ultimate Formulation

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Cellucor C4 Ultimate

Cellucor C4 Ultimate was always the brand's best pre-workout supplement formulated for the everyday gym-goer. Well, Cellucor C4 Ultimate just got better. Cellucor decided to go back to their roots and refocus on their powder lineup and pre-workout powders and improved all formulations across the board.

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Supplement Facts Upgrades

Cellucor C4 Ultimate was a solid pre-workout powder prior to the upgrade, but users are going to love the new additions to the upgraded formula.

Cellucor C4 Ultimate SFP

C4 Ultimate Old Label

C4 Ultimate New

C4 Ultimate New Label

The old version of C4 Ultimate was a 20-serving pre-workout at 16.3g per serving. The upgraded formula of C4 Ultimate is also a 20-serving pre-workout but contains a 20g serving size. The additional amount comes in the forms of additional ingredients and formulation changes.

While the original formula used 6g of a C4 Super Citrulline Pump Matrix, the upgraded version does not. The new C4 Ultimate still uses Citrulline at 3g (1g less than the old version) but also adds 3g of Arginine. Arginine does not have the bioavailability of Citrulline and users may not get a noticeable effect from it, but at 3g dose, Citrulline is still effective. Citrulline converts to Arginine in the body to improve nitric oxide production. 


While on the subject of blood flow and pump, the upgraded C4 Ultimate incudes 100mg of PeptiPump from Nuritas (makers of PeptiStrong). This is derived from lentils which has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. This was not in the old version. 

Cellucor still sticks with 3.2g CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine in the new version of C4 Ultimate. Beta-Alanine is not only the ingredient that provides the "tingles" it also can prolong muscular endurance. We want to see between 3.2g and 6.4g. 

The original version did not include Betaine. The upgraded C4 Ultimate includes 1.25g of BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous. This can help with muscular output and recovery. 

Cellucor increased the use of Creatine Nitrate (as NO3-T) from 1g to 1.5g in the upgraded version. Creatine Nitrate is a patent ingredient form Thermolife that yields both Creatine and Nitrates. This will help improve blood flow. With the increase in dosage here, Cellucor dropped ConCret Creatine HCl. Cellucor elected to drop Taurine from the new version as well.

Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 300mg in both versions, but the energy formulation is different. In addition to 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, the new C4 Ultimate contains 50mg Dynamine and 10mg TeaCreine from Compound Solutions. The old version had only TeaCrine. The combination of Caffeine, Dynamine and TeaCrine will provide fast acting energy from Caffeine Anhydrous but then longstanding energy and focus with the combination of both Dynamine and TeaCrine. 

Regarding focus, Cellucor did add 1g of Tyrosine to the new version of C4 Ultimate. Tyrosine is getting more use as it can improve focus and concentration. Cellucor dropped the 200mg AlphaSize Alpha-GPC. Cellucor elected to keep 5mg of Huperzine A.

Lastly, Cellucor decided to also keep Rauwolfia at 1mg in the new version. 

The new version of C4 Ultimate features new ingredients in PeptiPump, BetaPower Betaine Anhydrous, Tyrosine and Dynamine that was non-existent in the predecessor. 

The new C4 Ultimate is also going to be available in the Hawaiian Punch authentic collaboration flavor.

Final Takeaway on Cellucor C4 Ultimate

I thought the OG C4 Ultimate was fine. I do like the changes made here with the addition of PeptiPump, Dynamine and Tyrosine. I don't mind losing AlphaGPC since that dosage could have been higher. I am not the biggest fan of Arginine use since bioavailability is poor but overall the formula is still rock solid and good for anyone who wants to get an epic workout in.

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