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Core Nutritionals Launches Bolic V2 featuring Peptistrong

CORE Bolic V2

Core Nutritionals has upgraded their natural anabolic supplement Bolic. Bolic, V2 as the brand refers to it, will be anchored by the novel ingredient PeptiStrong. 

The new formula consists of 2,400mg Peptistrong. PeptiStrong has been shown to improve recovery, performance and MPS over the standard milk protein. It is a branded ingredient from Nuritas. Studies also show that PeptiStrong increases both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers. 

In addition to PeptiStrong, Bolic V2 features 350mg Maca Root Extract. Maca contains abundant nutrients and amino acids, such as leucine, which aids in muscle growth.

Users of CORE Bolic V2 also are going to get 300mg Camellia Sinensis Extract (90% Epicatechin). Epicatechin has been shown to decrease myostatin, a protein released by the body to essentially keep us from getting too big.

Bioperine, black pepper extract, is used at 10mg to aid with absorption.

The new version of CORE Bolic is available now via the brand's official website.

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Final Takeaway

Glaxon was the first to take PeptiStrong and put it in a natural anabolic. It is nice to see other brands follow suit as it is a great ingredient. The research is behind it and I have used it personally. I feel like I wake up harder and fuller from use. It is not cheap, so the price tag of Bolic V2 is worth it.

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