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GHOST x Christian Guzman Announces New Collaboration Pre-Workout

By October 15, 2023No Comments
FIt Butters

GHOST has officially announced their new collaboration with the OG legend Christian Guzman in their newest pre-workout release. GHOST X CG has heated up this fall with this special formula to help bring focus, flavor, and function into this formula.

GHOST has this collab pre-workout a little twist as they do with many of their other collaboration Pre's, helping give them their own uniqueness. In this formula you will find this isn't the same as most of their Legend V3 formulas, almost more comparable to their GHOST ALL OUT series. A few key add-ins found in this formula is it will contain Astragin for absorption, 8g of citrulline (Doubling that of the 4g found in the Legend V3 line). GHOST will also be adding in a few unique ingredients to this formula that is not found in any other Legend formulas, one is that it will contain full yield Betaine to help improve pumps, power output, and Hydration. The second uniquely added in ingredient will be Senactiv to help with endurance and muscular energy through your workouts. Lastly GHOST adds in 600mg Alpha-GPC + 100mg NeuroFactor™ to help cognitive support such as you may find to be comparable to their ALL OUT formulas. 

GHOST will be launching this Christian Guzman collab pre-workout in a Blue Lime flavor. This will only be available direct to consumer on their website and will be exclusively found at Alphaland on October 21st to help correspond with their Summer Shredding event. 

Final Takeaway

With out having tried this product yet I'm not worried about how it tastes as GHOST always kills the flavoring game but be on the lookout on the FI Instagram for an official taste test review once we get our hands on it! I am super excited though for this unique collab formula as I find myself always having my main focus on a pre-workout based around cognitive function and pump, such as GHOST seems to have formulated this pre-workout around those two things.

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