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Core Nutritionals Launches Lemon Pound Cake CORE ISO

Core Nutritionals CORE ISO

Core Nutritionals continues to add new flavors to their protein lines regardless of the price of whey protein. Core Nutritionals has officially launched Lemon Pound Cake in their CORE ISO line.

Lemon Pound Cake is part of the CORE ISO line. This is 100% whey protein isolate. Lemon Pound Cake will the 8th flavor of CORE ISO available via their official website.

Lemon Pound Cake CORE ISO has a sweet lemon flavor that lemon lovers will enjoy!

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Final Takeaway

This is the best CORE ISO flavor ever in my opinon. I am not a jump through hoops to get lemon flavoring kind of guy, but this was seriously the best lemon flavor I have ever had and is my favorite CORE ISO flavor to date. I would grab this if you even have a slight interest in lemon.

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