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RYSE X Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Fuel Energy Drink Launches

RYSE Fuel Kool-Aid

RYSE continues their rise to the top of the game with the announcement that RYSE X Kool-Aid Tropical Fruit Punch RYSE Fuel will be rolling out this week to Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart and HEB and more.

RYSE X Kool-Aid partnership first kicked off on the Loaded Pre line for RYSE. The brand cannot keep it in-stock due to the popularity of the flavor.

RYSE Fuel is growing quickly at key retailers like Vitamin Shoppe, and just recently launched at Walmart stores with a nationwide rollout coming.

RYSE X Kool-Aid Tropical Fruit Punch will be the third authentic collaboration on RYSE Fuel after Sunny D and Ring Pop.

Final Takeaway

I recently got to try this flavor in Loaded Pre. It is very good. My hope is this flavoring is spot on in the carbonated can because it isn't your typical fruit punch, but much much better. We will have our 'One Sip Review' coming to FI as soon as we get this in-hand.

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