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FIt Butters Announces a Transition from Collaborations with Sports Nutrition Brands

FIt Butters
FIt Butters New Look

FIt Butters has made the announcement today that the brand will move on from their collaboration efforts with sports nutrition brands on the use of their protein. FIt Butters will be creating their own flavoring systems using only high quality whey protein isolate or pea protein.

"When we launched FIt Butters in 2020 we were producing upwards of 200-400 jars per day. Our strategic alignment with major sports nutrition brands on that amount of protein needed worked, and it worked well. We are greatly appreciative as a brand for those who partnered and grew with us," FIt Butters CEO Ryan Bucki said. "As we grew our needs became more and more causing stress on the brand's supply chain and protein availability putting us in a vulnerable spot with increased chances of stock outs and flavor unavailability."

"We are going to work with the premier flavoring house in the country to replicate or improve on our current flavors, using only high quality whey protein isolate or pea protein. This new strategic direction also eliminates the creative handcuffs we had by only being able to create flavors based what was on the current market," FIt Butters President Danielle Bucki said. "If we want to create a new, innovative flavor, we can do that without having to search for one, we just make it."

FIt Butters did announce that they will collaborate with sports nutrition brands in the future for special launches and limited editions if it made sense for both brands involved.

In addition to the transition, the brand announced a "facelift" to their packaging that will be rolling out Q3 2022. 

Final Takeaway

First off, I need to extend a HUGE thank you and appreciation for all of the brands that worked with us at FIt Butters. FIt Butters and FI are two separate entities, so I have to run them as such. With our increased distribution and demand, it became very difficult to coordinate with sports nutrition brands and their production schedules to secure protein for our production runs. There were times we ended up out of stock or had to eliminate a flavor all-together because the brand made a good business decision for them, but it directly impacted us.

It became apparent to us that we needed to own this. We are working with the best flavor house in the country to ensure that all of our flavors we transition taste exactly like they do today, or we improve them. Even though our flavors are awesome, there are a few I am going to work on improving to ensure we have the best tasting nut butters on earth.

More info to come on this when it becomes available!

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