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RYSE Launches New Authentic Collaborations

RYSE Jet-Puffed, Moon Pie, Element Series

RYSE is set to have the biggest sports nutrition launch in the history of Walmart with the launch of Jet-Puffed and Moon Pie Loaded Protein and their new Element Series Pre-Workout. In preparation for that launch, the brand is making the four products available on their website.

RYSE will launch both Moon Pie and Jet-Puffed Loaded protein in a 27-serving format on their website. Walmart will be getting a 20-serving version. 

RYSE will be launching both Ring Pop Blue Raspberry and Sunny D Orange Strawberry into Walmart and their website.

The Walmart rollout will take place soon with stores expected to see the products on store shelves by August 1st. Until that time customers can score theirs at RYSE's official website.

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Final Takeaway

Pretty cool to see another big sports nutrition brand make their way into Walmart. I understand some brands may have a hesitation to do so with the stigma of Walmart but that stigma is not longer true. Walmart is doing a better job of curating quality brands and products. is competing with Amazon. I am excited to see how RYSE does on shelf at Walmart, and these authentic collaborations should help.

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