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Core Nutritionals Adds Longevity to their Lifeline Series

Core Nutritionals Longevity

There has been an influx of focus on overall health and wellness products since the COVID19 pandemic. Core Nutritionals has always had a priority on overall health, but they took that a step further when they launched their Lifeline Series last year. The brand continues to focus on Lifeline and add new products including the new Longevity health support supplement.

Core Nutritionals Longevity Supplement Facts Panel

Core Nutritionals Longevity SFPLongevity from Core Nutritionals is a comprehensive health support supplement. While we are bombarded with “general health” supplementation, it is important to note how Core Nutritionals Longevity differs from other “comprehensive” supplements.

Quercetin is dosed at 500mg. Quercetin is found in many vegetables and fruits. It has been shown to have high antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

BioNMN is dosed at 250mg. This is known as an anti-aging supplement. Dosing has ranged from 250-500mg. There does need to be more human trials, but in vitro studies seem promising.

ProGBB is dosed at 50mg. This can help with weight management. This ingredient can also increase body temperatures causing users to sweat more.

Astragin is dosed at 50mg to help with absorption.

PQQ, or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone can modify signalling and is thought to support mitochondrial function. It is dosed at 20mg. We typically see this at 20mg.

The last ingredient, Puremindine, is an anti-aging ingredient from NNB Nutrition. It is dosed at 1mg. Not only is it considered an anti-aging ingredient, it also is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient. It can also promote gut health.

Overall this is a product designed to help with aging aka anti-aging product that is formulated to aid in increasing the longevity of the user.

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Final Takeaway

This is the way of thinking now in sports nutrition. How do we live longer? This is something I am personally interested in. How do we remove the negatives from our interior system and promote health from within...that's what Longevity is designed to do.

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