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RYSE Launches Two New Flavors of Godzilla Pre-Workout

By August 13, 2022No Comments

RYSE Supps releases two new flavors are popular demand of their Godzilla Pre-workout. Prior to these being released, customers only had one flavor to choose from. This allows for a selection of flavors for this great pre-workout. The two new flavors being released are Strawberry Kiwi and Blackberry Lemonade. They will be joining the Monsterberry Lime flavor, the original flavor released. 

Godzilla Pre-workout is a 40/20 serving pre-workout. Unlike many others, one scoop of Godzilla Pre-workout does have the efficacious dosing of key ingredients.

Beta-Alanine is dosed at 6.4g at the 2-scoop serving size, which is why one scoop is efficacious. Recommended amount is 3.2g-6.4g. Betaine Anhydrous is a massive 5g, with one scoop once again being enough to be effective. Choline Bitartrate is at 1.6g in two scoops. While the recommended is 1-2g, you will often see an improvement in focus, concentration and mood even at 800mg (in once scoop).

Caffeine Anhydrous comes in at 350mg. In addition to the 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, there is zumXR (extended release caffeine) at 50mg. This gives the user a full 400mg of caffeine per 2-scoops. Which gives a 200mg dose in one scoop, which is sufficient.

They also have their signature ingredient, Thinkamine (Vinacamine) at 20mg. Vincamine is a cerebral vasodilator. This can help improve blood flow to the brain which can improve memory, focus and clarity. At 20mg this is a great dosage, though 10mg in one scoop is also effective. This is an overview of some of the ingredients, but overall we are impressed with this formula. 

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Final Takeaway

As an overview, this is a great pre-workout at both one or two scoops! Since the release of Godzilla Pre-workout, we have said it would be better if they released some other options for customers to choose from. RYSE magically responded to our request and released these two flavors to give a wider selection for those who may not have liked the first flavor released! We liked the pre-workout, but Ryan didn't love the flavor. I did like the flavor more than Ryan, but we are excited to see what these two new flavors taste like! 

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