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Core Nutritionals ZONE Now Available

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Core Nutritionals is crushing it this year, and we have yet ANOTHER launch from them that is now live. Core ZONE, a powdered nootropic supplement is now officially available for purchase.

As always, there is an awesome launch deal, something Core has been doing well with this year. To start, you get 10% off, which is standard with launch deals from Core, and if you buy one tub, you get a free pair of blue light blockers. If you buy two tubs, you get the blockers, as well as a free shaker cup. Also, if you use coupon code INFORMANT, y0u get 20% off on top of your order. 

Core ZONE has an awesome profile, and if you want to check it out, check out the link here. ZONE comes in two flavors, Arnold Palmer and Sour Candy, and both are delicious. ZONE is certainly worth trying out for yourself!

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

Final Takeaway

This is a nice launch by Core, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your eyes when you are at a computer for extended time periods, so the blue light blockers are an awesome addition Core Zone tastes great, works well, and is certainly worth trying at least once if you want to get work done, want to play video games at a higher level, or even just want an awesome drink to start your day.

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