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ProSupps Expands Dr. Jekyll Signatures Flavors

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ProSupps being known around the industry for their nostalgic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pre-workout lines over the years only seem to be advancing and getting better. In the latest news from ProSupps they have added two new flavors to the Dr. Jekyll Signature line. With being a very popular product with only one flavor Blueberry Lemonade, they have finally added a Strawberry and Orange flavor to this signature series line. 

This non-stimulant Dr. Jekyll Signature series line is a unique pre-workout compared to traditional non-stims focus that primarily just on blood flow and focus. Dr. Jekyll Signature line will focus on their performance, cognitive, and adaptogen blend in this formula. Dr. Jekyll Signature series line is sold for $22.99 in a 30-serving container now in three flavors the original Blueberry Lemonade, and now the new flavor expansions of Orange and Strawberry. 

ProSupps Expansion Final Takeaway:

With the Signature Series line growing in popularity for ProSupps I'm glad to see they are expanding the flavor profiles. Without trying these new flavors yet I can't speak on how they taste. However, from past ProSupps products I've had I can't wait to try these, as ProSupps is trusty with flavors, and I can here that Strawberry one calling my name as I feel we do not find many just plain Strawberry flavors in the industry.

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