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ProSupps Teams Up With GNC To Bring MyBar To A Store Near You

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GNC has officially teamed up with ProSupps to bring you 2 of their top ranked protein bars "MyBar". On top of triple chocolate and peanut butter paradise we are getting a GNC exclusive flavor "Cookie Dough".

  • Triple Chocolate: A decadent blend of rich chocolates for an indulgent yet nutritious treat.
  • Peanut Butter Paradise: A nutty delight that combines the creamy goodness of peanut butter with the nutritional punch of MyBar.
  • GNC Exclusive - Cookie Dough: A special flavor available only at GNC®, catering to those with a penchant for the classic taste of cookie dough.

"We are excited to partner with GNC®, a recognized leader in the health and wellness industry, to bring MyBar® to even more consumers," said Allison Frahn, President of BeneFIT® Brands. "The success and positive reception of MyBar® in its inaugural year have been extraordinary. This collaboration with GNC® is not only a significant milestone for MyBar®, but also reinforces our commitment to providing premium, innovative products to health enthusiasts everywhere."

The ProSupps MyBar can be classified as a meal replacement bar. Each bar is 88g in size (typical size is 65g). Each bar contains 380 calories coming from 30g protein, 17g fat and 29g carbs. MyBar has continued to set itself apart by not only delivering exceptional taste and high protein content but also maintaining its commitment to health-conscious consumers with low sugar and gluten-free formulations, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence in every bite. 

Final Takeaway

I got a chance to try the Cookie Dough not long ago when it was first announced and instantly fell in love with it. Not only the texture and flavor but its one of the few protein bars that doesn't really get stuck in your teeth. While slightly high in overall calories it ranks up there with MetRX bars so you wont be through the roof on your daily macros. I highly suggest trying these ASAP.

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