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GHOST Reveals New Bubblicious Cotton Candy Legend Collaboration

GHOST X Bubblicious

GHOST has partnered yet again with Bubblicious to launch a new authentic flavor collaboration in GHOST X Bubblicious Cotton Candy Legend pre-workout. In addition to the reveal of the new flavor, the brand also announced that it will be bringing back their popular GHOST X Bubblicious Strawberry Splash flavor in Legend as well.

GHOST first launched their authentic collaboration with Bubblicious back in 2020 during COVID. The pre-workout powder sold out in record fashion. Since then the brand has relaunched it a second time and extended the flavor to GHOST Energy.

GHOST X Bubblicious Cotton Candy is brand new to the brand. This was first leaked on social media several weeks ago, and can now be found early at some GNC stores. The official sale date of GHOST X Bubblicious Cotton Candy and Strawberry Splash is June 1.

Final Takeaway

GHOST X Bubblicious Strawberry Splash is my favorite flavor pre-workout I have ever had I think. It was spot on. I was sad it had to be launched during COVID but it still kicked ass. I am VERY interested in Cotton Candy as I generally do not like Cotton Candy flavored powders, but if I remember correctly, Bubblicious Cotton Candy slaps. Stay tuned...

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