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Soul Performance Nutrition Reveals Loaded Collagen Formula

By May 28, 2022July 7th, 2022No Comments
Soul Performance Nutrition Bliss Collagen

Soul Performance Nutrition has been on quite the role in the past year. The brand is new to the scene but has already dropped an electrolyte powder, a greens powder, a sleep formula and now a loaded collagen formula known as Bliss Revitalize Collagen.

Soul Performance Nutrition took the unconventional route into the space staying away from popular categories like protein and pre-workout but focused more on health centered products. Every product is fully transparent, dosed ideally and works.

Collagen is a category that brands have jumped into to help "beautify" users. Bliss Revitalize Collagen is more than just another nutricosmetic product. The formula is yet again loaded with key ingredients designed for overall improvement of health.

Soul Performance Nutrition Bliss Revitalize Collagen

Collagen formulas tend to be very similar in nature. They have the same types of collagen and make the same promises. Bliss Revitalize Collagen isn’t just another cookie cutter collagen protein formula. The crew of Soul Performance Nutrition not only did a unique take on flavoring the product, but they went deeper into the formulation.

Soul Performance Nutrition Bliss CollagenEach serving contains 12g of Bovine Collagen Peptides. This is where the skin, hair, bone and joint health perks come into play. Soul Performance Nutrition also adds 2g Velositol, the clinical dosage of the patent ingredient from Nutrition 21 to help increase MPS (muscle protein synthesis). 

Adansonia digitata fruit powder is used at 1g. This is an antioxidant ingredient high in vitamins and minerals.

Tremella is dosed at 1g as well. There are many health benefits to tremella, but one of the biggest ones is skin hydration, which makes sense why it is included in the formula.

Turmeric is dosed at 250mg. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory that has been used in a lot of bone and joint supplements to help with potential discomfort. 

Astrion, a patent ingredient from NuLiv Science, is dosed at 250mg. This is the clinical dosage of Astrion. Astrion is a key ingredient in skin hydration.

Tryptophan, typically used in sleep aids, is dosed at 100mg. When used at lower doses it can elevate mood and potentially help combat pain/discomfort.

Before the ingredient absorption powerhouse Astragin, Soul Performance Nutrition also uses 50mg of Dermaval from FutureCeuticals. Dermaval. Per FutureCeuticals, Dermaval® supports the body’s collagen levels and delivers pro-collagen nutrients that contribute to our natural collagen production.

Overall the formula from Soul Performance Nutrition is different than anything we’ve seen in another collagen formula. This, you could say, is a collagen plus formula from the brand that is quite impressive.

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Final Takeaway

Soul Performance Nutrition Bliss Revitalize collagen protein is not out as of yet, but it is coming soon. We are impressed with the formula and the flavoring is so different than what you've had before. Danielle was a huge fan of the flavor. Ryan was indifferent on it. It tastes like a drink you'd get at a bubble tea facility.

Put this on your list of items to try once it is released. It is a special product.

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