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GHOST Will Add Chocolate Peppermint To Hot Cocoa Flavors

By November 17, 2022No Comments
GHOST Chocolate Peppermint Hot Cocoa

As if fans of GHOST were not excited enough the way it was that the news dropped on the return of high protein hot cocoa mix, the brand decided to add a second flavor for 2022. Chocolate Peppermint GHOST high protein hot cocoa mix is set to launch along side Milk Chocolate on Black Friday.

GHOST high protein hot cocoa mix will be available in 15-serving container. It features ProTherma™ hydrolyzed whey protein from Glanbia. This allows the protein powder to sustain a higher degree of temperature without it denaturing the protein.

GHOST chocolate peppermint high protein hot cocoa mix will be available on Black Friday via the website and their mobile app.

Final Takeaway

This one really interests me. I was a HUGE fan of the OG milk chocolate flavor. I like the use of real mini marshmallows, which will also be in this one. We are set to receive this before Black Friday. Make sure you follow our channel on Instagram for our One Sip Review. 

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