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GHOST Reveals Sour Pink Lemonade GHOST Energy

GHOST Energy Sour Pink Lemonade

GHOST continues to expand their flavor offerings on their energy line as it continues to climb the ranks in terms of sales. GHOST revealed the next flavor of GHOST Energy as Sour Pink Lemonade.

Sour Pink Lemonade GHOST Energy will be a new permanent flavor from the brand set to launch on 9/1/2023. Sour Pink Lemonade GHOST Energy will be available in the US only.

Fans of the brand and the drink can try to "Secure A Can" on August 9, 2023 via the GHOST App (found on the App Store or Google Play Store).

Final Takeaway

Sour Pink Lemonade is one of my all-time favorite flavors from GHOST in their powders line. If this is remotely close to that flavoring system we are in for a treat. GHOST Energy is solidifying itself as the best energy drink on the market featuring a fully transparent label with key active ingredients and the best flavors on the market.

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