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ZIM FIT Launches Low Stim Get PMPD Pre-Workout


Many new brands come into the space with a cookie cutter copy of another popular pre-workout on the market. Not ZIM FIT. ZIM FIT elected to go the complete opposite as most with their new pre-workout Get PMPD. 

Get PMPD by ZIM FIT is a low stimulant pre-workout designed to be an everyday driver for those who want a little bit of kick but not an overwhelming amount of caffeine in their day. GET PMPD contains 85mg caffeine anhydrous. This is the amount you can find in a strong cup of coffee. At 85mg caffeine, users can also still enjoy other caffeinated drinks throughout the day, like an energy drink or a cold brew.

While some may think 85mg of caffeine is "low" to the vast majority of the population it is sufficient. It may be "low" compared to the 300/400mg caffeine pre-workouts flooding the market today, but it is adequate to give you the boost you need while improving the effectiveness of other ingredients in this formula like Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A.

The full formula was revealed in this article here.

ZIM FIT Get PMPD is available in two delicious flavors, Cherry Taffy and Electric Blackberry Lime.

Final Takeaway

Very good product for those looking for a low-stim option. I used this at 4am and 4pm and had great workouts both times. The flavors are great. I was surprised how much I liked Electric Blackberry Lime. Cherry Taffy is good, but I would give the nod to this one.

Overall I am a fan and I like that they didn't follow the norm and did it their way.

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ZIM FIT Launches Low Stim Get PMPD Pre-Workout

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