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Nutrex Launches Outlift Burn

Nutrex Outlift Burn

Nutrex is has been around for quite some time, and while we haven’t heard from them in quite some time, we now have a new product to look forward too. Nutrex has officially launched their new fat burning pre-workout, Outlift Burn.

Outlift has been their flagship pre-workout for years now, and with Chris Waldrum helping out the brand now, we have a cool new formula coming out. Welcome… Outlift Burn.

Nutrex Outlift Burn Supplement Facts

Outlift Burn is a pre-workout meant to help aid users with fat loss. It consists of four blends, which we will get into. The first two are standard, the third one is where it gets spicy.

The first blend is called the Pump and Strength Matrix, which is a simple blend of Citrulline and Beta-Alanine. Citrulline at 6g, Beta-Alanine at 3.2g… all good here.

The next blend has a cool name, called the “That Feel Good Energy Blend”. This nootropic/stimulant blend starts off with Tyrosine at 2g, ALCAR at 1g, and Alpha GPC at 600mg. These are solid doses of these nootropic ingredients, and to finish out this blend you get 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, as well as 75mg of DiCaffeine Malate. 

The next blend has an even cooler name, called the “Burn That FCKN Fat Blend”. It has two ingredients called Metabolyte™, one being Sodium Phaseolusate and Potassium Phaseolusate. This is a new ingredient from Compound Solutions, and looks quite interesting. Following this you get Hemerocallis Fulva Extract, which comes from the Orange Daylily. This may help increase cAMP levels, and we have not seen this ingredient in any other products on the market as of yet.

The next 4 ingredients are common, however we still like them all. Cocoabuterol® at 100mg is a nice start, then comes CaloriBurn GP®, which is a source of Grains of Paradise. Following this you get GBBGO®, which is a trademarked form of GBB. This ingredient helps with Carnitine levels in the body, and has this side effect that makes you sweat. We love it and at 30mg, you will notice sweatier workouts. Finally comes Alpha Yopmbine at 1.5mg. This may aid with fat loss and energy. 

Finally comes the “Maximum Absorption” blend, which may help with absorption. It consists of BioPerine, which is black pepper extract. You get 5mg of it in here.

Overall this is certainly a solid profile, and for people looking for a pre-workout that may aid with fat loss, this is a solid one to go with. 

Final Takeaway

This is a nice changeup from Nutrex. Not going to lie, I almost forgot Nutrex was a brand not too long ago, even though I knew they were still around. The legacy brand is back with a cool new look, and we expect nothing less from Chris Waldrum. This is the start of a new journey for the brand, let's hope they return to their old glory. 

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