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GHOST Reveals Their Hardest Hitting Pre-Workout in Legend All Out

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GHOST Legend All Out

GHOST is showing no signs of slowing down in 2022. The brand has revealed via their official Instagram that they will launch their hardest hitting pre-workout even on October 5 in GHOST Legend All Out.

GHOST Legend All OutGHOST Legend All Out will feature a stacked, fully transparent formula with 400mg caffeine (from caffeine anhydrous and zumXR – extended release caffeine). GHOST also includes 60mg Bitter Orange Extract in addition to the higher caffeine amount. Users will also get 100mg of Theobromine (a metabolite of caffeine).

GHOST also went heavy on the nootropics for a superior mind-muscle connection. A full 2g of Tyrosine is used to help with clarity and focus. Alpha-GPC, a mainstay in the GHOST family, is used again in All Out at 600mg, yielding 300mg of active Alpha-GPC.

GHOST also makes sure that they included proven ingredients that can aid in pump and performance. Users will get a full 6g Citrulline from pure Citrulline and Citrulline Nitrate as NO3-T. Both Beta Alanine and Betaine are dosed effectively at 3.2g and 2,500mg respectfully.

GHOST Legend All Out will be released in two flavors: Blue Raspberry and a flavor to be revealed at a later date.

GHOST Legend All Out will be available on the GHOST website and app on 10/5/22.

Final Takeaway

If you have not had Monstars, that was the brand's hardest hitting pre-workout prior to this. I very much enjoyed that formula. This formula is sold with 400mg caffeine, but you get 300mg from anhydrous and 100mg from zumXR which will extend the energy over a longer period of time and prevent any crash. We are excited to give this one a run. This could very well outsell the standard Legend with the request for higher stim pre-workouts continually on the rise.

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