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Glaxon Previews New Goon Energy

By September 26, 2022No Comments
Glaxon Goon Energy

Goon Energy from Glaxon, an energy and nootropic supplement, is coming on September 27th at 12pm CT. Goon Energy will be launching in a 60-serving container in Pineapple Lemonade.

Goon Energy features 1,000mg of the brands trademarked Astrolyte. Users will also get 337.5mg VitaCholine, 250mg Tyrosine, 125mg Inositol, 100mg Brain Factor-7, 75mg English Ivy Extract, 62.5mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 12.5mg Theobromine and 12.5mg Astragin. We would recommend a double scoop, if needed, to get the best impact from this product.

Goon Energy could also be used as a lower stimulant pre-workout and combined with Plasm Surge for a performance enhancing powder.


Final Takeaway

I like nootropic powders. Glaxon already has Neuro 365, but this will be a stim based nootropic that is not Goon Mode. We are excited to try it and use it for productivity and getting shit done.

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