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GHOST Reveals New High Protein Cereal Featuring Real Lucky Charms® Marshmallows

GHOST Marshmallow Cereal

GHOST is finally getting into the functional food space. GHOST has revealed that they are launching a new high-protein cereal in a marshmallow flavor. GHOST new high protein cereal will feature real Lucky Charms® marshmallows. 

While many expected the brand to start with the prototypical bar or "snack" GHOST completely shocks their audience with diving into the RTE category. Current high protein options in the RTE category are Magic Spoon, Eat Your Mouth Off and Catalina Crunch.

GHOST Cereal Nutrition Facts

GHOST’s take on a high protein cereal will differ from other brands in the RTE space.

GHOST Cereal NFPGHOST’s cereal will have the highest amount of protein compared to the competitors in the set. GHOST will feature 17g protein sourced from milk protein and soy protein. Catalina Crunch and Eat Your Mouth Off are both plant-based proteins. Magic Spoon does use a milk protein blend, but only features 13g of protein.

While traditional cereals feature a lot of sugars and carbohydrates, GHOST will come in better with their cereal. Added sugars are at 10g per serving (coming from marshmallows and sugar) and only 15g carbs. The real Lucky Charms cereal has 30g carbs and 12g sugars. GHOST Marshmallow Cereal will feature real Lucky Charms marshmallows.

The new GHOST cereal will be launching on April 10th via the brand's website. These will be available in select retailers in May 2024.

Final Takeaway on GHOST Cereal

Love this for GHOST and just personally. I am a GMI (General Mills) guy. I love Lucky Charms and the fact that GHOST is able to use real Lucky Charms® marshmallows is a big win. I will be honest I have never had Magic Spoon or any of the other high protein cereals, but I am excited for this and excited to see how this does in retail.

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