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GHOST and Sydney Cummings Launching Clear Whey Isolate Protein

GHOST Whey Clear Isolate Summertime Punch

GHOST is officially launching a clear whey protein isolate. GHOST has teamed up with YouTuber and fitness expert Sydney Cummings to reveal and launch a new clear whey protein isolate in the signature Summertime Punch flavor.

This is GHOST's first launch into the clear whey protein isolate market. Clear whey protein isolates have gained a lot of interest from brands over the recent years due to their popularity on social media platforms like TikTok.

GHOST Whey, clear whey protein isolate, is the brand's first clear isolate and also the brand's only pure whey protein isolate. Their current offerings of protein powders are fully transparent blends of isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate.

Sydney Cummings is a famous YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers. She produces free training content on her channel. She is also a NASM certified trainer.

GHOST Whey with Sydney Cummings may be the first of many new flavors on their clear whey isolate lineup, time will tell.

GHOST Whey will feature 20 servings per container. The macros are as follows:

Calories: 100
Fat: 0g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 25g

The new Summertime Punch GHOST Whey (Clear Whey Protein Isolate) is set to launch with the rest of the Summertime Punch flavors (GHOST Legend, GHOST Greens, GHOST Glow) on May 12.

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Final Takeaway on GHOST Whey

Well they finally did it! Honestly I am not the biggest fan of clear isolates, but I get them. I think that the traditional dessert flavored proteins will always rein superior, but seeing other brands on TikTok kill it with these SKUs, and a brand like GHOST which is big on influencers, they are going to kill it too (assuming the flavor is on point). I fully expect this to be a success for the brand. I do think to be extremely successful in clear whey you need a strong influencer, none better than Sydney Cummings!


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