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Glaxon Launches Collagen V2 in Three Flavors

By February 14, 2023No Comments
Glaxon Collagen V2

Glaxon has upgraded their Collagen formula and launched Collagen V2. The former Wonder Collagen is being replaced by Collagen V2 to feature a new serving size and an updated supplement facts panel. The new Collagen V2 will be available in Fruit Cereal, Vanilla Cream and unflavored.

Glaxon Collagen V2

Collagen continues to be a trend that grows. As many thought maybe it was a fad, it has shown and proven it is not that. Glaxon got in on the collagen world several years ago with Wonder Collagen, a wonderful formula that was advanced for the space. Collagen V2 from Glaxon continues that trend.

Glaxon Collage V2The new formula is a 40-serving formula (Wonder Collagen was 21-servings). Users can choose to take this twice a day to get similar amounts to the original Wonder Collagen.

The formula starts with 6g of Type I and III collagen. 

Type I, II and III collagen is what makes up 90% of collagen in our body.

Type I collagen is good for strong hair, skin, nails and bones.

Type III collagen increases elasticity of the skin, minimizing wrinkles and allowing the epidermal level of the skin to really strut its stuff.

Users will also get 1g of Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM). This was not in Wonder Collagen. MFGM and its components in relation to resistance to infections, cognitive development and establishment of gut microbiota

Fructooligosaccharides is available at 500mg. This aids in the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. This was also non-existent in Wonder Collagen.

Users also get 45mg of Hyaluronic Acid, which supports skin elasticity and joint health. 

Lastly you get 25mg of AstraGin to aid in absorption. 

When you double the serving size you get 20-servings (similar to Wonder Collagen) and users get 10g Collagen, 2g MFGM, 1g Fructooligosaccharides and 90mg Hyaluronic Acid which is overall a better formula than Wonder Collagen.

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Final Takeaway

The focus on skin health is more apparent here. I do like the use of MFGM as no one else is doing that (Glaxon is known for this kind of thing if you look back at Protos Whey). The flavors sound intriguing as well - and very different than Wonder Collagen. If you are looking to improve hair, skin and nails health, this is a must-try.

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