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Glaxon Launches Voodoo Cola Across Multiple Products

By October 12, 2022No Comments
Glaxon Voodoo Cola

Glaxon revealed their newest flavor at the 2022 Natural Body Epic Block Party in Voodoo Cola. Voodoo Cola, as you may expect, is a cola flavor that has been added to Tranquility, Plasm Surge, Specimen and Goon Energy.

Voodoo Cola is a limited edition flavor for the 2022 Halloween season that boasts a unique label that is on-brand to Glaxon. The actual flavor itself mimics popular cola flavors in the soda category - with slightly less cola. The powder does mix clear, so if you're expecting that caramel color you won't get it.

Glaxon Voodoo Cola is available now.

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Final Takeaway

The CSO of Glaxon, Joey Savage, had me try this at the Block Party. It is different than anything Glaxon has released in the past. It doesn't taste like Coca Cola, but it does have that cola flavor - just not overly strong. They did add this to Tranquility, Specimen, Plasm Surge and Good Energy so you have multiple opportunities to try this.

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