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KLOUT PWR To Launch Nero At Competitive Price Point

By September 6, 2022No Comments

KLOUT PWR is set to launch a new EAA powder with hydration elements at a competitive price point of $30 a tub. Nero, from KLOUT PWR, will be a 20-serving EAA + hydration formula that will be available in three flavors.

KLOUT PWR is set to launch Nero Aminos on September 7, 2022. The first flavors that will be available will be Sunshine (orange pineapple), Sour Melon (lime watermelon) and Juicy Burst (much like the pink Starburst).

The formula does contain all nine EAAs, a 2:1:1 BCAA blend at 5g and 250mg of Coconut Water Powder with 25mg of Astragin for absorption.

Stay tuned to FI for more details from KLOUT PWR.

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Final Takeaway

Price point is huge in today's market of rising costs. We are looking at $1.50 a serving (20 servings for $30. This is going to be very competitive when it comes to an EAA product - which seems to have surpassed the popularity of straight BCAA products. We will be receiving these and will provide flavor reviews via our Instagram channel.

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